‘The Good Doctor’ 3×01 recap: “Disaster”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “Disaster,” aired Sept. 23, 2019.

It feels good to be back writing recaps for fall TV! It’s been a long while — a half of a year! — since The Good Doctor was last on our screens. Please, protect Claire at all costs this season. Let’s see what our residents and doctors have been up to.

Ah, first dates

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to our first date. Actually, let’s not, and just focus on fictional first dates. Aw, Shaun is on a date with Carly, and he even came prepared with topics to talk about. However, that’s all we saw before Lim broke up the gossip time.

Also, can we get a hell yeah for Lim being the first female chief of surgery at the hospital?! HELL YEAH.

I can’t handle Claire and Shaun’s friendship because it’s so darn cute. Claire has always treated Shaun with respect, and I really love seeing the two have meaningful conversations. For instance, Claire told Shaun that she does, in fact, look up to him. Aw, stop. However, she really wants him to spill the tea about his date with Carly. Girl, same.

A few awkward jokes are standard first date flops. Can’t say the same thing about Shaun hitting a woman with a door and helping her out. Shaun admits that the date was exhausting, even if it wasn’t a disaster like he thought. Morgan sure did want a disaster. Oh, Morgan.

Park and Morgan duo

I’ve always liked the dynamic between Park and Morgan. I don’t know why, but I do. It’s almost like a brother-sister relationship with constant bickering of who does which job. In this case, who stays late. They literally bring the nurse into their fight to see who touched the chart first so one of them can peace out.

They’re literally watching security videos to see who touched the chart first. This is too much. I love it.

Andrews…ever the instructor

Okay, I don’t remember Andrews losing his job…Despite my forgetfulness, I have noticed that Andrews has a hella nice kitchen. A personal espresso machine? I need.

Anyway, Lim goes to him for his help on how to be THE BOSS. Sometimes being the boss can be hard; I think we’ve all been there when we’ve had doubts. His advice: don’t give up easy. Easier said than done, right?

Dr. Lim, so far, isn’t one to sit down and be stepped all over. Even though one of her nurses gave her a hard time about being understaffed, Lim came to a compromise. Thankfully, both parties were satisfied in the end.

Sometimes…the student becomes the instructor. Lim offers Andrews a spot on her surgical team, but he declines. Lim isn’t taking no for an answer. Yes, girl! Welcome back, Andrews!

Speaking of instructors, Glassman is back to work! But he’s not a hospital this time. He tells Shaun that getting to know people makes you a better doctor. Even though he has a new job, we just might be seeing Glassman as President of the hospital again.

This never is not sad

Melendez and Shaun are tasked with a young bride who has a slim chance of surviving her cancer. Why does this show have to be so sad all the time? The bride is given a few options, and each one doesn’t end happily. Unless the surgery goes well. Off to surgery she goes, which, fortunately, went well. Phew!

Meanwhile, Morgan and Park are dealing with a man with cancer and memory loss. We get a more human side to Morgan when she tells Park she needs to save their patient because he has a life to live. I like seeing Morgan react to situations — it makes her more likable.

The wife tells her husband that everything is okay. She’s going to let him live his life for the time being. Well, this is quite sad. OH MY GOSH. The ending with Morgan and her grandpa just tore me apart…Now I understand her reaction to the patient.

It’s season three, but I am still unable to look at my TV while they perform surgery. Maybe I’ll be able to handle it better as the series progresses. Probably not, though. What did you think of the season three premiere? Sound off below or tweet us!

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