‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: The best Peraltiago-centric episodes

We love seeing these glimpses of domestic Peraltiago

There are a lot of reasons why I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s an extremely funny show, with well-rounded characters and innovative plot ideas, even after 6 seasons (take “Ticking Clocks”, for example). What I love about it the most, though, is its depiction of the different relationships between its characters. One relationship in particular: Jake and Amy’s beautiful, very healthy love story.

So if you’re like me and you miss them, here is a list of my favorite Peraltiago-centric episodes, to watch and rewatch endlessly until season 7 of the show finally airs next year!


I know “Casecation” was very controversial among the fans, but it’s definitely one of my favorite Peraltiago-centric episodes. Sure, I was surprised to learn that someone like Amy never talked in more depth about wanting kids before getting married and sure, I never imaged Jake never wanting kids when so many instances in the show previously made us believe the opposite. Other than that, though, this episode was pretty much perfect.

First, we got almost twenty minutes of Jake and Amy – what more could have we asked for? We also witnessed a wholesome scene of them listing their favorite moments after getting married, an hilarious debate, and the resolution we’ve all been waiting for: Jake does want to have kids. With Amy. So, really, this episode was a blessing.

“The Bet”

“The Bet” is the ultimate Peraltiago-centric episode. The one that started it all. The one where Amy flirted with Jake for twenty seconds and he became obsessed with her forever. I could rewatch it endlessly.

Their pre-relationship banter, the fake ‘proposal’, Jake turning down the relief team… I love everything about this episode. In the end, Amy did break a rule and fell in love with Jake. But I surely won’t blame her for that.

“Johnny and Dora”

Who doesn’t love this moment when our favorite TV couple finally gets together after so many episodes of waiting? And, more importantly, who doesn’t love the ‘fake dating’ trope? “Johnny and Dora” gave us both. And I will be forever grateful to the show for that.

Plus, we didn’t get only one, but three kisses in the span of twenty minutes! A true blessing.

“Boyle-Linetti Wedding”


A lot of iconic pre-relationship moments in TV happen during someone else’s wedding. Probably because of the romantic setting of such an event. Jake and Amy made no exception.

Most of the episode, we saw them working on a case James Bond-style and talking about Jake’s middle school girlfriend. It’s at the end of it, though, that they shared what Jake would later refer as a ‘weird romantic moment’ together.

Amy pranking Jake into believing she was asking him to slow dance with her still remains one of my all-time favorite scenes for them. I could talk about the way they look at each other during that moment for hours. Now all I need is to see them slow dancing for realz!

“Jake & Amy”

Of course Jake and Amy’s own wedding had to be considered as of the best Peraltiago-centric episodes. After 5 seasons of seeing their love blossoming, they finally tied the knot in the best possible way.

Between a bomb threat and an ex-boyfriend still very much in love with Amy (who wouldn’t be, though), our beloved couple had a lot to go through before being able to say their “I do”s. But in the end, it was all worth it! Jake and Amy did manage to get married, saying the most beautiful vows ever.

Amy may be Jake’s dream girl, but together, they’re definitely the dream couple.

Bonus: “HalloVeen”

“HalloVeen” isn’t a Peraltiago-centric episode per se, but it contains a lot of amazing Peraltiago scenes – including the proposal. Getting to see it live was one of the best TV experiences for me because I didn’t expect Jake to propose during this episode.

And yet, it made perfect sense. And it was perfectly executed. Plus, we saw Jake and Amy’s first encounter, as well as the reason that made Jake decide to ask Amy to marry him and the best phone call to let her father know of the news. This episode really gave us everything.

Every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is filled with several Peraltiago-centric episodes, which never cease to remind us how wonderful their love story is. They’re true #relationshipgoals! Now I can’t wait for season 7 – for sure it will give us some new great scenes between these two.

In the meantime, which are your favorite Peraltiago-centric episodes? The ones you could rewatch again and again? Hit the comments and let us know!


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