‘Titans’ S2E3: 5 Talking Points from “Ghosts”

Homecoming isn't fun. Neither is darkness.

Now that the main players were introduced, Titans started to put the gears for the season in motion with the latest episode “Ghosts” on Friday.

Dr Light ran amok in San Francisco on Slade Wilson’s behalf. The mastermind plans to isolate one of the Titans – old or new – to lure the rest. He might have gotten what he wanted in the end – or at least, got one chip down on the board.

Bad Dads Club

Rose and Rachel have a small chat about fathers who are out to kill you. Rose (Chelsea Zhang) confirms that Deathstroke was chasing her when the team first noticed her. She also tells Dick (Brenton Thwaites) that Deathstroke killed her brother.

Titans DC Universe Rose Wilson
image: DC Universe

Well, we do know that Joey isn’t dead, but why does everyone believe he is? Did Slade slit his own son’s throat? Esai Morales has said ‘redemption’ will be a theme in Slade’s relationship with his son.

For Rachel (Teagan Croft), although she has vanquished her terrible father, life hasn’t been peachy either. She can feel her power stirring within as though it has a life on its own and is struggling to contain it. In a training session, she loses control and attacks Jason (Curran Walters), straining their friendship.

Old habits die hard

Donna, Dawn, and Hank aren’t pleased to be back in Titans Tower. The latter two are wary of falling back into the world they tried so hard to get out of. Donna (Conor Leslie) seems haunted by the way things ended with the Titans the last time around. They are all even less keen to learn Dick is harbouring their old foe’s daughter. Still, they agree to help Dick with Dr Light.

titans dc universe donna troy dick grayson hank and dawn
image: DC Universe

The four OG Titans find and battle Dr Light (Michael Mosley), but fail to apprehend him. Hank gets injured in the process. The incident also calls into question Dick’s identity. The others think he might be holding back as he tries to not be Robin.

Titans DC Universe Dick Grayson Brenton Twaites
image: DC Universe

Meanwhile, Hank (Alan Ritchson) finds himself tempted to become Hawk again now that he’s back in the tower. This spells trouble ahead for his personal well-being and his relationship with Dawn (Minka Kelly).

By the way, there are seven platforms in the room Gar visited on his first day in the tower. Does that mean there were seven initial Titans? We know Aqualad is coming. That leaves two more. Any thoughts?

Kory bails on NS

Usually when people are conscripted, they serve in the army for some time. For Tamaraneans, national service is sitting on a throne and serving royal duty. Honestly, Kory seems like she would much rather fight in the army than become queen.

Though reluctant, Kory initially agrees to return so that her guard and friend won’t have to face the death sentence for failing his mission. However, a call from a distressed Rachel convinces her to head for Titans Tower.

Maybe it’s a good thing Kory didn’t return to Tamaran right away. Her recall was ordered by her sister. Blackfire hasn’t been the nicest character in comic lore, so the order is suspicious. On the other hand, Kory’s no-show could be exactly what Blackfire wants.

Gar and Jason team up

Oh Jason. What have you gotten yourself into.

The new Robin has been itching for some action, and gets increasingly frustrated as Dick continues to bench him. He convinces Gar (Ryan Potter) to investigate some heat signatures they found instead of telling Dick. I’m happy to see these two getting time together.

titans dc universe jason todd curran walters
image: DC Universe

In the train station, Jason decides to split up to find Dr Light quicker. “Have you never seen a horror movie before?” Gar pleads to no avail. Of course, Jason ends up facing Dr Light alone.

To his credit, he does get the upper hand and uses Dick’s training. Unfortunately, Dr Light was just a red herring. Deathstroke was waiting in the shadows for someone to show – and now he has Jason.

Without going too much into comic lore, let’s just say Jason and getting kidnapped by villains is not a happy combination. I fear this will make him very hard-hearted. What’s gonna happen to Jason??!

We need light

“Light ’em up,” Dr Light said. Someone should tell the production crew, because this show is so dark. Literally. Think Game of Thrones season 8 and Teen Wolf. Oh yeah, dark train stations are so reminiscent of the latter.

I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. My screen brightness is at max. Thank god this isn’t Batman where everyone is head to toe in black.

On the plus side, it does hide some of the gore the show has.

Titans is available on DC Universe for streaming.


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