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The Season 5 of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ countdown

Legends of Tomorrow premieres on January 14th, 2020.

Hello, Legends! I hope you had an amazing Summer. We have learned a lot about our show over the past few months. Let’s breakdown the things we are anticipating most and maybe some things we aren’t!

1. #AvaLance and #DarhkAtom

The CW

THE SHIPS! Our hearts want what they want and they yearn for AvaLance and DarhkAtom. Over the past two seasons we have followed our Captain and Director. We have yearned as they yearned, cried when they cried, and rejoiced when they rejoiced!

This past season we had so many goodies.

  • Their first, “I love you.”
  • Sleepovers
  • Adorable coupleness

Unfortunately we also had some bad moments.

  • A breakup
  • Identity crisis
  • Arguments

Through it all they made it through. Meanwhile we finally got to see Nora Dahrk and Ray Palmer get together. This season we will see the progression of both couples. Are you ready? So am I!

2. Where in the world is my Zari?


The cliffhanger at the end of Season 4, let’s face it, was mean! Zari has been making our lives wonderful for several seasons. Out of nowhere the writers decided to take that away from us. To make it even more miserable they replaced her with her Brother, Behrad.

Who knows what the reasoning was? We were forced to endure the zero chemistry she and Nate had, then we had to watch her fade away. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to finally being able to see the bigger picture on why that decision was made! It will be fun seeing what new life Zari has made for herself.

3. The Baddies have returned!


John Constantine spent the whole 4th season messing up everything. When it comes to timelines, John is the flashpoint of the Legends universe. One fantastic thing about his most recent mess up, is our new big bad, Astra Louge!

Astra has captured all of history’s worst enemies and released them from Hell. This is going to be an epic arc! Which baddy am I looking forward to the most? Stalin. A large chunk of these villains i.e. Hitler, etc we have seen depicted many times. I am excited to see Legends depiction of the communist leader. Whose on the roster for your must sees?

4. Former Assassin turned Director

The CW

Our fearless Captain Lance has been many things. She was a Sister, an assassin, The Canary, White Canary, and a Captain. Much like her counter part, Caity Lotz, she wears many hats:

  • Singer
  • Dancer
  • Actor
  • Director

Caity makes her directorial television debut this season! She has directed before, but this will be her first mark in television. Ms. Lotz put in the work and now we get to see the results. The episode she will direct is titled, “Moral Khanbat.”

5. More of our favorite Legends!


It breaks my heart to say that Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford will be leaving Legends half way through the season. It seems they are parting due to creative differences with the show. While we are all devastated about the news, we must remember to soak in all the Ray and Nora scenes to the fullest! Hopefully we will get some monumental final episodes with this cute couple.

Mona, Gary, Nate, Ray, Mick,  Nora, Ava, Sara, Zari, John, and Charlie these are the names of all our current Legends. (Plus Zari’s Brother, i guess.) Our screens have been lonely without them. The countdown until we can see their glorious faces again begins. What are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments!

Until next time, Legends!




Brittney Santiago

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