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Legacies season 2 trailer: Breaking down all of those Easter eggs

"Never give up Hope."

The Legacies season 2 teaser trailer is out! As fans remember from the season 1 finale, our heroine Hope Mikaelson sacrificed herself to save the people she loves. Not only that, but she did it knowing it would erase the memory of her from everyone’s minds.

Let’s get right to it and break what’s hinted to come in the second season. First, watch the Legacies season 2 trailer below.

1. Not time travel, but kind of.

Remember the ascendent that Josie and Lizzie recognized in the season 1 finale? Fans know this as the key they created with Bonnie Bennet back in The Vampire Diaries season 8 to trap their evil Uncle Kai into a prison world. Both series have introduced the concept of inter-dimensional travel, which makes things a little tricky when it comes to time. The reason Kai (in TVD) still looks like he’s in his early-20s is because he’s been stuck in a prison world, which pauses his aging.

I can’t help but think that the same type of mythology applies to Malivore. Does time work differently in the pit? How much time will have passed for Hope versus everyone else outside of the pit? I’m not going to lie, I’d love for years and years to have passed in Malivore and we have an even more jaded, badass Hope emerge.

Here’s another wrench in things: multiple realities. Remember that amazing episode where Lizzie “erased” Hope and was thrown into several different realities? I’m not sure how this would work in season 2, but I can’t help but think that was setting the stage for something even bigger in season 2 (outside of hinting that Hope would really get erased at the end of season 1.)

2. Landon’s new girlfriend (Posie fans, don’t hit the panic button quite yet.)

During the press room at SDCC, it was revealed that Landon’s in love—and it’s not with Hope. There is a glimmer of a moment between (gasp!) Landon and Josie in the season 2 trailer. I’m not sure where this is leading, but it’s definitely rocking the boat for Hope’s ultimate return.

3. Landon’s whole Phoenix thing: We’re not done with his story yet.

In this finale breakdown I pitch a theory based on one of Clarke’s final comments to Landon:

“Clarke mentioned that Landon was created to be the perfect “meat suit” for his father, which is probably why he’s a Phoenix (virtually indestructible, with the whole coming-back-to-life thing). So, maybe in Landon’s quest to learn more about his existence and powers, he somehow resurrects Malivore, who then uses his body as a “host”, like Clarke mentioned. In theory, this could also possibly bring Hope back (memories of Hope to our Scooby Gang included.)”

This could be really good—in a sense that we get our Hope back—but also really bad. Meaning, all of the other beings stuck in Malivore come back, too. Am I fine with this? Duh. More Necromancer, please!

4. Birdy-worthy moments.

If you think Hope’s return means rainbows and unicorns, then you need to go binge all of TVD and The Originals, because that’s not how this works, gang. With every happy moment comes heartbreak (here for the feels!)

Just because the memories of Hope will be retuned (we assume), that doesn’t mean that what happened during her absence gets erased. Whoever Landon’s locked lips with (Josie?), will still be in the picture. This may not be a major storyline, but it will definitely throw more complexity into everyone’s lives.


Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its equally as successful spinoff Angel will be pleased to know that Alexis Denisof will once again be gracing our screens. Denisof played former watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in both beloved vampire series, and now he will be stepping in as the new headmaster at the Salvatore School while Alaric heads up Mystic Falls High School. We don’t know much more about Denisof’s character, but the teaser trailer hints that he has his own magic tricks up his sleeve (I see you, power ring!)

6. Body jumping, loopholes, wolves, KAI PARKER.

Check out this article for breakdowns on how body jumping, magical loopholes, and KAI PARKER (!!!) will fit into the show’s sophomore season.

Queue the tears: You didn’t think I’d bring up Birdy without dropping some tear-filled clips in, did you? Here are some of the TVDU’s best Birdy moments to get you in the zone for the Legacies October 10 season 2 premiere. Tweet me your predictions @lizprugh!

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Legacies returns October 10, 2019 at 9pmEST/8pmCST on The CW.

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