Ranking which ‘Arrow’ villain shipped Olicity the most

A substantial function of any good Arrow villain is to move Oliver and Felicity from point A to point B. And some might have done that more successfully than others, but each attempt never failed to make us laugh and sigh, “Oh, Olicity. Their power.”

So with that in mind, here’s which Arrow villains shipped Olicity the most:

Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm started to feel the love in later seasons, but in season 1 (when he was the main big bad) he was pretty ignorant to Olicity’s obvious chemistry and magnetism. However, it was his plans and shenanigans that started a foundation for Oliver and Felicity’s “team within a team” status in the first place.

1 Star


Slade Wilson

Slade saw the truth when it was supposed to be lie. Oliver’s first “I love you” at the end of season 2 was an extremely poetic series moment for one, but it also ranks Slade high in villains who ship Olicity.

Slade even remembers Oliver carrying around a picture of Laurel on the island, and still says “no, he loves Felicity the most.”

But in terms of moving Oliver and Felicity from point A to point B, his craziness forced Oliver to ask himself the question. Who do I love the most? Felicity, of course.

And as the series went on, Slade let’s us know he was still shipping it:

  • “How’s the girl with the glasses? What’s her name? Felicity?”
  • “Instead of marrying the blonde, you marry Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter?”
  • “She’s brilliant, so how did you get her?”

4 Stars


Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, such a nice guy right? Okay, I wouldn’t go that far… but we have to thank Ra’s for being responsible for one of Olicity’s biggest milestones.

Firstly, the fact that the almighty Ra’s Al Ghul took a break from his villainy to pull Felicity aside and say, “hey, you should really tell Oliver you love him, and feel free to use one of the thousand bedrooms I have in this place for other purposes.”

Okay, he didn’t mention the sex part, BUT IT WAS IMPLIED GODDAMMIT! And what is Felicity’s response, she says, “thanks Ra’s, I’ll go do that” and she does, then they do.

5 Stars


Damien Darhk

Damien never shouted his love for Olicity over the rooftops per say, but he did have a hand in Oliver and Felicity deciding to get married (the first time). Remember when he brought Oliver to Felicity’s jail cell, so they can have a moment to talk about what marriage means to them, and then they ultimately decided to take that step? I do too.

2 Stars



Adrian Chase was just fascinated with Felicity. However, I think that had mostly to do with Adrian just being fascinated with human love in the first place. He was kind of like Voldemort in that way.

But more importantly, Adrian Chase had a major hand in Oliver and Felicity getting back together (maybe so it would hurt more when he planned to blow her up on an island). But whatever the motivation, Chase locked Oliver and Felicity in the bunker, and they were not allowed to exit until they worked out their issues. Or until one of them dies. Either way, Chase is going down in history as a major Olicity stan.

3 Stars



Which villains do you think shipped Olicity the most? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @Pure_FandomArrow returns for a final season October 15 on The CW!



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