‘Titans’ recap: S2E2 – “Rose”

Like it or not, Titans old and new have to come together.

Titans s2e2, “Rose”, started streaming on DC Universe on 13 September 2019.

We’re back, Titans! In the first produced episode for season 2, one can sorta see why the show kept last season’s finale for this season. “Rose” isn’t quite the ‘bang’ to start one’s sophomore run with, but it does set things up for quite an interesting season.

It’s been 3 months since the events of “Trigon”. Here’s what the various factions of heroes/heroes-in-training have been up to.

Titans next generation

Dick has been obsessively training Rachel, Gar, and Jason in the ways of super crime-fighting. He even assigned them reading – the Art of War. (Seriously, dude?) Ryan Potter showed off his chops as Gar sparred with Jason.

titans dc universe rachel roth jason todd
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Rachel is still having problems with her powers. We see black energy seeping out of her fingers while she’s asleep, and she wakes up with scars. She doesn’t want to tell Dick so he doesn’t think he failed her.

Gar points out that Dick is trying to be extra nice to him. It’s Dick’s way of making up for killing Gar while under Trigon’s control, but it doesn’t help Gar deal with the trauma from the event.

Jason is restless. He’s itching to return to actually fighting crime in Gotham instead of just training. Dick says here Jason is not a sidekick, he could be a leader because of his experience compared to Rachel and Gar. Jason needs to step up as Robin.

“If I’m Robin, who are you?” Jason asks.

“That’s a good question,” Dick replies, and it’s one we’ll have answered over the course of the season.

Life on the farm is kinda laid back

Hank and Dawn have retired to a ranch in Wyoming. Hank teaches kids to ride horses, and it seems to make him happy. However, he finds out Dawn has still been crime-fighting as Dawn behind his back. As he confronts her, a boy he was teaching stumbles into their house and starts glowing from inside-out.

Earlier, we saw Dr Light escape from prison in Gotham. It appears he made his way to Wyoming. The boy burns up Hank and Dawn’s house, and the couple go to San Francisco to find Dick.

Meanwhile, Donna and Kory are working together in Chicago. Kory likes 70s music. Donna doesn’t. Together they take down the villain Shimmer. Neither of them have heard from Dick in 3 months. Kory confesses to Donna her reluctance to return to Tamaran, saying on Earth, people “have options”.

titans donna troy kory anders dc universe
image: DC Universe

When Donna step away to take a call from Roy Harper (!!!), Kory goes to get tacos. A Tamaranean approaches Kory, who seemingly recognises him, before apprehending her. Just as Donna finds Kory is missing, she gets a call from Dawn.

Dick Grayson’s home for wayward children

At Titans tower, the team watch a newscast of a girl – Rose Wilson – running from police. She is trained to fight, but still picks up an injury as she escapes. Dick heads out to find her, eventually picking Rose off the street. “He can’t resist a stray.”

When Rose wakes, Dick offers her a place in the tower but she rejects. She implies that whoever is after her will kill the Titans to get her. Dick is torn over keeping Rose in the tower for her safety or respecting her intent to leave. By the way, her injured eye socket has healed over.

titans rose wilson dick grayson
image: DC Universe

Rachel gives Dick some wise words – maybe Rose doesn’t know she needs/wants help.

Dick also calls Bruce for advice. The older man says Rose reminds him of a younger Dick. Bruce says Dick has to keep Rose in the tower until she is in the right mind to make the best decision for herself.

titans dc universe dick grayson brenton thwaites
image: DC Universe

The next morning, Dick drops Rose off at her request, but insists she take a phone with his contact in it. Rose tells Dick her name. Just as she is about to leave, a beam of bright light hits the vehicle from the back. Dick and Rose make it out, but it appears Dr Light has caught up to them.

Meanwhile, Jason doesn’t trust Rose. He has gone into the ops room and ID’ed Rose. The computer also shows Rose’s father, Slade Wilson, who Jason immediately recognises as Deathstroke.

So, Titans old and new are regathering in SF. Someone is using meta-humans to lure them there, and/or catch Rose. Jason’s mistrust will foil Dick’s intention to integrate Rose into the 2.0 team. Roy Harper is out there, somewhere.

Things are set up nicely for Titans season 2, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook and Twitter.

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