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‘The 100’: Sara Thompson talks Josephine, set life and her character’s future [INTERVIEW]

Hallowed be her name

Sara Thompson’s Josephine Lightbourne stole the show with her phenomenal performance during season 6 of The 100. She quickly became a fan favorite and fans can’t stop raving about her story-line. While Josephine is an awesome villain, her tragic backstory brings many layers to her character. Obviously, on The 100 there is this gray area of morality and the line that our characters will cross to protect the people they love.

Josephine’s relationship with Gabriel transcends time and brings about the idea of a never ending love story. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live forever? The whole reason why our character fight so hard is to survive and keep going. Josephine, who was once a normal girl, got wrapped up into the lifestyle of the primes and became a god where she got to live larger than life.

Sara’s portrayal of Josephine became such a vital part of the show and story in season 6, that The 100’s lead, Eliza Taylor got to dive inside her head as well. The two brought Josephine to life and her story reached fans in a fun and unique way. Although Josephine is supposedly gone, Sara’s interpretation of  Josephine with her quick whit and big personality, made an impression that will go on long after the show is over. Taking some time to chat with us, we have the inside scoop on her journey to becoming Josephine, what it was like on set, and more!

What was your audition process like?

I was in Winnipeg shooting a movie so I sent in an audition tape and that was really it, I sent in a tape. I had been kind of doing a million things and I was like “here let’s do this one really quick” and we got it done and I sent it in, and I guess they really liked it! 

How did you prepare for your role as Josephine? Was there something specific you did to get into character?

For the audition, I didn’t know anything about her so I kind of just made it all up, but during the show getting into character definitely for me is getting into my wardrobe. She’s very specific in her wardrobe and so getting into wardrobe definitely kind of puts me in the mood. Her dialogue she kind of says everything that she’s feeling. The writers did an amazing job of putting everything out there, so really they made it pretty easy on me. 

Is there a unique aspect of the character you and Eliza created? You both collaborated on the character, so what was that like? 

It was really fun, I mean it’s really cool not many actors get to do that, to share a character, so it was really awesome. Watching her as Clarke and then transition into Josephine was very cool, very impressive to see her do that. So they would send us clips sometimes, before we had gotten into it, they would send us clips of each other so we could study the body language of her.

We both had that hair twist which was a pretty key one, and we would send each other voice notes back and forth, just like “how would you say this?” or “what do you think she means by this?” – then we would hang out and just run over stuff. We would read with each other so we would help each other out if we had to. It was pretty cool because, in a lot of aspects, they want the same thing and they’re very similar.

It was cool to just find the tiny little differences, I think that’s why the fans liked it so much because as much as you want to hate her, she’s kind of like your hero. 

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So this question actually goes off of that, fans have actually compared Bellamy and Clarke’s complicated relationship to Gabriel and Josephine’s, did you see that connection at all?

Um, interesting. Yeah I tried not to be so mindful of that, I tried to sort of differentiate everything, but now that you mention it, yeah that makes a lot of sense. I think it was a lot of fun for the fans to get to see Clarke as Josephine with Bellamy, I think that made it so much better. You know, he wanted Clarke back so bad, and she wasn’t really there. It was a really cool dynamic now that you mention it, it is very similar. 

I think a lot of fans noticed it in that CPR scene, there was that similarity of Josephine and Gabriel getting to have their time and then branching it off of that.

Totally yeah, it was a really amazing build up for sure. 

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What would your mind space look like? Would it be organized in books like Josephine? 

Oh, man. Well I am a Virgo, so yes in some ways it would be organized for sure. But now I have a bit of a cold, so it would kind of be pretty foggy. You know what I don’t think it would be books, maybe it would be videos or movies, but yeah it would definitely be organized. Its super interesting to imagine that because it really makes you kind of go inside your brain and be like you know very interesting. Josephine had rooms that are darker than other rooms or happier than other rooms so it’s really interesting to compare your own mind space to hers and I had to do that a lot when creating the character. 

So if you could pick another character to “body snatch” and potentially get in their mind space, who would you pick?

Murphy! He’s so interesting!

Is there anyone else in the cast that you wish you got to work with or had more scenes with?

I think JR, he and I clicked really well and on set we became fast friends. He’s so phenomenal and that one short moment that we had together, it was so fun and cool and yeah I just love his character and I love him as a person so definitely him!  

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Was there a favorite moment or memory from working on set?

Getting there was pretty huge, I just remember getting there and being like, wow this is big! Watching through all the studios I was like “wow!” and “this is a BIG show!” And Eliza and I were pretty sick filming some of our episodes, and so I just remember us kind of like jumping into scenes and then instantly running to our chairs and like coughing and cuddling our heat packs.

We did a bunch of really fun hair and make up tests and that was one of my favorite days on set, before we decided what Josephine was going to look like in the mind space. I think they’re up on the internet somewhere but we had a bunch of hair and makeup test and it was so cool. It really helped me to get into what she could be you know. We did so many different makeup looks and they all changed the character so much so that was really fun.

Do you have a favorite season of The 100

Season 4 or the one where Murphy had the dreadlocks! I love that scene where he’s in the apartment! My moms very into the show and I would come home-I was in Winnipeg at the time- I would come into the house and she would be watching it and she would be like “wait you have to go to the beginning!” My mom was actually a huge fan of the show before I got the role. She was so excited!

Is there any chance that Josephine could return?

I’m sure there is some way it could happen, but I can’t say if it does or doesn’t! That would take the fun out of it! I think it’s fun to imagine the ways that she could come back. 

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Fans can now catch up on season 6 of The 100 on Netflix! 


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