Embracing your inner Amy Santiago

Amy Santiago is quirky, brave and literally, one of the most relatable characters on TV. Also, Melissa Fumero is a queen. She once complimented my jumpsuit, which isn’t important, but I think that was pretty cool. We all have moments where we realize we are carbon copies of Amy. Maybe not exactly, but we all have an Amy Santiago moment, and we embrace it like she does.

We, however, recommend not doing the death drop while dancing unless you are a professional.

Here are some Amy moments where we couldn’t help but say, “SAME!” to the TV screen:

Your confidence in your lack of dance skills


To put it bluntly: Amy cannot dance. We have all been there where we’re on the dance floor thinking we should be in the remake of Dirty Dancing. Much like Amy, we sometimes feel the need to bust a move even though we’re not great at it. However, that’s the fun in all of it.

As seen from the dance battle she had with her brother in season 6, Amy thinks she can do intricate dance moves. In reality, she can’t and ends up getting hurt. Okay, I’m going to reveal my moment of having infinite confidence in my dance moves…

Junior year of high school, I decided to do a cartwheel in front of about 20 of my peers. Now, keep in mind that I do have a dance background, but I did NOT have a tumbling background. Suffice to say, as I did my cartwheel, I fell flat on my face in front of the whole class. The laughter still haunts me, but looking back, I can laugh it off much like Amy does.

Nerdy af  and proud

Amy is a straight up nerd, and I am sure most of us can relate. There was a moment in the earlier seasons where she said in high school she would just chill in her room reading history textbooks, and I felt that. In high school, especially if you were in honors and AP classes, you threw around sentences like that because it proved you were smart af. It was cool to say those things, which looking back, yikes.

I love that Amy feels no shame in revealing how nerdy she was back in the day and still is to this day. I’ve always been an advocate for waving your nerd flag despite what others think. If books or movies or sports make you happy in a nerdy way, more power to you!

You ARE the party

Whether you’re 1 drink Amy or 5 drink Amy, you still know how to have fun. You may be professional and ready for anything, but you also know how to let go a little bit. Amy is sometimes all no nonsense, but she can admit to being the life of the party. Own it and have fun.

You get excited over little things

Come on, who doesn’t love a good binder? Amy is the queen of getting pumped for something little. For example: binders. I’ll admit, a few weeks ago, I got excited about buying a storage bin for all my winter hats. It’s the small things in life that can make a rainy day seem sunny.

You sometimes lose your cool and just drag people


We are all guilty of getting so mad at someone that we just start dragging them. Amy is no stranger to that, too. Who hasn’t hoped that a dog poops on your enemy’s face? Our comebacks may not be sharp, but like Amy’s, at least they’re witty and weird. Maybe we should all just stick to glares and smirks instead. That might suit us, but don’t be afraid to pull an Amy on occasion.

Amy is fun, loving, bad ass and a little weird. There’s a little bit of Amy in everyone, and there’s no need to apologize for that. We should all embrace it. What moment of Amy’s is your favorite? Comment below or tweet me!

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Madeline Klepec

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