‘Shadowhunters’: A status update on the Shadowfam & the #SaveShadowhunters campaign

TCA wins, TV Scoop Awards success and an open letter to Constantin Film!

Yesterday’s premiere of the new IT Chapter 2 movie starring Shadowhunters’ Isaiah Mustafa brought us many awesome pictures of the Shadowhunters cast reunited for this occasion. This heartwarming show of support underlined once more that the show’s most important message is not just a meaningless line: Families can indeed be made!  It also made us wonder: What is the Shadowfam up to these days?


It’s been 14 long months since Shadowhunters has been cancelled and a little over a year since Constantin Film has issued the infuriating and cryptic statement that “it’s not possible for this version of Shadowhunters to continue”

You would think that after this amount of time and countless huge #SaveShadowhunters stunts, fans would have given up trying to save their show, right? Well, spoiler alert: This fandom doesn’t admit defeat easily – particularly as no one has given them a hard “no” so far. And if there’s one thing the Shadowfam knows, it’s this: “Impossible just means try again.” In fact, this show quote seems to have become the battle cry of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign.

Even though it may seem as if the campaign lost momentum, fans have actually been regrouping and have been particularly busy these past couple of weeks.

Here’s a little status update!

24 July: Making Alberto Rosende’s Old Spice ad the most viewed ever

It’s not really a surprise: The Shadowfam has proven time and time again that their collective power can do almost anything! So when @oldspice launched their first Spanish language ad with Shadowhunters star Alberto Rosende, fans made sure to catapult him into click heaven! Way to go, fam!



August 5 – The #SaveShadowhunters fans get a shoutout from @theofficial TCA

On August 5, the ABC day took place as part of the Television Critics Association (short: TCA) summer press tour. Seizing the opportunity, @saveSHAlliance called all fans to action. The plan was to remind press and public alike that the fight for the show was still far from over and that the fandom was not going anywhere. The response was overwhelming: Old and new fans alike tweeted the official TCA hashtag along with the campaign hashtag all throughout the day – and received a huge shoutout from @officialTCA!  along with the reassurance that they were being seen and appreciated.

Mission accomplished!

August 8: Winning six TV Scoop Awards

On August 8  @eonlineTV announced their list of winners in this year’s TV Scoop Awards. Thanks to the fandom’s relentless voting, Shadowhunters won six categories (and secured an amazing second place in another five categories): Best Drama, Best Ensemble, Best Guest Star (Anna Hopkins), Saddest Death (Jonathan – Luke Baines), Worst Twist (Clary loses her Shadowhunter memories) and Best Series Finale. Congratulations!

August 10: An open letter to Constantin Film

On the anniversary of Constantin Film’s statement, @saveSHAlliance took it upon themselves to once again address the issue of the cancellation, reassuring the German production company that the fandom is there to stay and could be relied on:

“We are a powerful force ready and willing to do what is needed to save Shadowhunters. We are still here and still loud. We haven’t given up and we hope you’re still with us. If the legends are true, then anything is possible. That’s why we believe Shadowhunters deserves another chance and will find a new home.”

-The Alliance, a global movement to #SaveShadowhunters, 10 August 2019


August 12: Winning two Teen Choice Awards

Just like last year, Shadowhunters won the TCA for Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy show. On top of that, Katherine McNamara received the award for Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress. It was the first time the popular award show was held outside in Hermosa Beach, California. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of footage of winners actually receiving their awards. Shadowhunters fans also didn’t get to see their stars walking down the red (or in this: blue) carpet – but Social Media Queen Kat got their backs!





What else can you do?

Keep being loud and use the hashtags. Join one of the numerous watch parties to boost repeat viewing numbers. Support the large and small stunts organized by the different groups on Twitter. Stretch your voting fingers for the upcoming voting for the People’s Choice Awards. But first and foremost: Enjoy the fandom and engage with others. And whatever you do – always remember:

“It’s love that makes you fight harder for what you want.” (Shadowhunters 1×08 “Bad Blood”)


Find our extensive Shadowhunters coverage here!

Featured Image Source: Taken at “The Hunters of Shadows”, Brussels, 23 June 2019



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