‘Schitt’s Creek’: 7 quotes that will make you LOL

Don't worry, it's his sister!

Schitt’s Creek is this brilliant, heartwarming, and most importantly hilarious TV show about a wealthy family, the Roses, who suddenly lose all of their riches. From then, they have to move to the modest little town of Schitt’s Creek and learn to live a ‘normal’ life among the inhabitants of this tiny town. Hilarity ensues!

Indeed, the show is full of funny characters who deliver the best one-liners. Each episode contains at least one iconic moment. This is why we gathered some of Schitt’s Creek’s funniest lines for you!

“You know what, David? You get murdered first, for once.”

Who doesn’t love a good relationship between siblings? David and Alexis are the perfect example of what having a brother or a sister is. They’re constantly bickering, yet they love each other dearly. This is what makes their relationship so great and authentic.

Because who has never done that – pick the bed that’s the farthest away from the door when you have to share a room with a sibling?!

“I’d kill for a good coma right now.”

Every character in Schitt’s Creek is hilarious in their own way, but Moira Rosa might be the funniest of them all. Catherine O’Hara’s portrayal of the character is on-point, and she most definitely deserves her Emmy nomination this year.

In the season 1 finale, she and Johnny are this close to selling their town of Schitt’s Creek to an interested buyer. Unfortunately for them, the man falls into a coma before he can sign the contract. And well… let’s just say Moira doesn’t take the news very well.

“What does that mean? What does fold in the cheese mean?”

When it comes to Schitt’s Creek’s funniest lines and scenes, this one definitely is somewhere at the top of the list. Who would have thought a mother-son cooking moment could be so hilarious (and chaotic)? Not me. And yet, here it is.

“It says to fold it in!” It’s just iconic.

“I was just giving them a little pup talk.”

What would Schitt’s Creek be without Ted Mullens and his puns? They don’t always work among his friends, but they’re definitely hilarious for us viewers.

For sure, Ted Mullens is one of the nicest and cutest characters of the show.

“I’m expensive sushi, I’m a cute huge yacht, I’m a little bit single, even when I’m not.”

Alexis Rose is a woman of many talents, who has seen and done many things in her life. Yet, there is one thing she hasn’t mastered yet: the art of singing. Or writing a song, for that matter.

I’m not one to complain, though. Because her song ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ is hilarious – and a true bop. You should give it a listen (see above)!

“What is your favorite season? – Awards.”

I mean, I can relate. When somebody asks me about “seasons”, my mind doesn’t think about the weather right away either – it rather goes straight to my favorite season from my favorite TV shows. I guess it all depends on your priorities.

(It’s 5, by the way. My favorite season of Schitt’s Creek is season 5, if anyone was wondering.)

“Do I wear my fringed vest? Or, more importantly, do I wear anything under it?”

David and Patrick are my favorite relationship in the show. And they’re engaged, now! One of the most iconic episodes for the couple is the ‘Open Mic’ episode. Indeed, at the end of it, during an open mic event, Patrick serenades David with a guitar cover of the famous song ‘Simply the Best’.

The way he teases David, who doesn’t like the idea too much at first, about the event is not only the absolute cutest, but it’s also very funny.

Of course, this is just a glimpse of some of Schitt’s Creek’s funniest lines. The show is filled with hilarious scenes and quotes through every season. And I’m sure a lot of great moments still await us for when season 6 – the show’s last – will air next year!

And for you, which are Schitt’s Creek’s funniest lines, in your opinion? Hit the comments and let us know!


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