‘Arrow’ season 7: Let’s talk about those deleted scenes!

Deleted scenes are always fun to watch, but they’re especially fun if they feature domestic Olicity and Connor Hawke backstory.

So let’s talk about them!


This deleted scene features a little more context as to where Oliver and Felicity’s heads were at, regarding parenting William. And Felicity brings up some fabulous points, as she always does. William is fourteen, effectively the WORST age, and has been through a lot. One thing the season 7 premiere set up was William’s very justifiable and normal teenage angst. And in all honesty, I could of done with a little more sassy William season 7.

Oliver suggests that they try (AGAIN) to imbue some normalcy in his life by having him come back home full time. Felicity is on board of course which is followed with some light teasing and kissing.

Also, Felicity was serving some Looks™ in this scene! As Oliver says “you’re right” she looks at him like, “it’s cute you think so, of course I am.” And another hilarious one was Oliver saying “no more secrets” and Felicity says “okay” with either a “sure, Jan” Look™ or a “sounds great, you get right on that” Look™.

And as the camera panned back for a full view of their kiss, we saw just how massive their counter is. And you know what should be happening on that counter besides the making of tartines?

Sex. Sex should be happening on that HUGE COUNTER.

Toodles, Curtis!

Curtis has always been a character that struggled with his purpose in life (I’d argue more than anyone else on the team). His marriage blew up because of it, and he can be self-righteous and insufferable because of it as well.

His character is a shining example of how sometimes always looking for your purpose can cause you to become more lost than you’re already are. That constantly looking for something will cause the people around you to feel used, underappreciated, and inconsequential. And in turn, you’ll start to feel that way too.

Obviously, there’s no love lost between Curtis and I.

❤️Connor Hawke❤️

This scene gives us some fairly important bits of information, and I’m surprised it was cut. It turns out Diggle and Connor do NOT have a good relationship (I thought otherwise considering Connor listened to Diggle about keeping Mia safe).

And why does Dinah think Mia is a killer? Because she fights people? You do that too, Dinah. Is there another deleted scene we don’t know about?

Anyways, I really liked Connor in this scene. He’s honestly such a fascinating character to me and I hope we get to see more of him, and get to explore his relationship with Mia, Diggle, and JJ a little more.

I really, really, want this spinoff guys!


Arrow is set to return October 15 on The CW! Don’t miss our coverage of the final season!



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