‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ scenes as The Lonely Island songs

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Some of my favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes include the ones in slow-motion, with some music playing in the background. But even though the songs used during those scenes are always on-point, I’ve always had one wish. To hear a song by The Lonely Island.

If you don’t know who The Lonely Island is, it’s Andy Samberg’s (who plays Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) comedy rap group. For years now, with his childhood friends Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, the three comedians have been using music as a way to do comedy. They even went on their first-ever – and very successful! – tour this past June.

How cool would it be then, if we could hear one of their songs in the show Andy Samberg also leads as an actor? Very cool, I think. Waiting for it to happen, here is a selection of Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes that reminded me of some songs by The Lonely Island.

“I’m On A Boat”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes

In the “The Cruise” episode, Jake and Amy go on vacation on a cruise together. There, they meet Doug Judy, Jake’s nemesis. He asks for their help as he thinks someone wants to kill him. Jake and Amy agree to help him but, to do so, they need to put on some disguises. This is when one of those iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes in slow-motion happens, right after Jake and Amy get changed.

And if they used another song to play in the background of that scene, “I’m On A Boat” would have been perfect here. Because, well… they are on a boat after all!

“J*zz In My Pants”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes

Who doesn’t love Jake and Amy’s weird kinks? One of them involves Jake being sexually aroused when Amy is mean to him.

That’s exactly what happened in a scene from “HalloVeen,” when she tells him that “ya bore me” and he asks for more of her trash-talk. Judging by the face he makes after she whispers a very mean “I hope you die,” we can only imagine this song played in his head at that moment! I know that’s what it reminded me of.

“I Just Had Sex”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes

Amy Santiago follows rules to a fault. Yet, when it comes to Jake Peralta, she tends to break them all. She dated him (a cop!), fell in love with him… and had sex with him on their first date, despite having come up with the “let’s not have sex right away” rule herself. Just like they both acknowledged on the next day, they had sex… “and it felt so good”!

The song would have also been perfect to use when Charles and Gina woke up in the same bed after having sex at the end of “Charges and Specs.” Can you imagine it cutting right after the “I just had sex, and it felt so…” part, only to be followed with Charles and Gina’s screams of horror?

“The Creep”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes

Another Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene in slow-motion where a The Lonely Island song could have fitted perfectly. The lyrics “stick your hair down flat like it was covered in mud, trim up your pencil mustache and pop them peepers” perfectly describe Jake and Kevin’s disguises as weird perverts.

They were doing “the creep” indeed!

“Threw It On The Ground”

brooklyn nine-nine scenes

When Amy Santiago panics about an upcoming exam, she fully panics about it. So much so that she can take it on the electronics at the precinct if they’re not functioning fast enough for her liking.

For instance, it happened in “Chasing Amy,” when the microwave took too long to cook her oatmeal. She took it… and “threw it on the ground”!

“Legalize It”

brooklyn nine-nine scenes

This might be a lesser-known song from ‘The Lonely Island’, which plays during the end credits of their movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Yet this song perfectly captures what happens in “The Big House, Part 2.” Indeed, at some point in this episode, Jake accidentally gets high on Blizz in prison.

“I just smoked crack, it felt f*cking great…” Was that what Jake was thinking during his time running high around prison? Probs not, but we still dig the song! 

Now that the show is on NBC and can use bleeps, maybe we’ll get to hear some The Lonely Island songs playing during a Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene? It would be a nice tribute to Andy Samberg’s music group, after both Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone guest-starred on the show in past seasons!

And you, are there any other Brooklyn Nine-Nine scenes that made you think of some ‘The Lonely Island’ songs when you watched them? Hit the comments and let us know! 


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