‘Veronica Mars’ Roundtable: Thoughts on the highly anticipated season 4

Us at have a lot of feelings about the long awaited new season of Veronica Mars. However, in a season where they elected to replace “f*ck” with “cuss,” but conversely were very liberal with their use of graphic decapitations, the season still had way bigger controversies.

Myself and Meg Bonney (Pure Fandom co-founder) chat about the ups and downs of Veronica Mars season 4!

What did you think of the overall mystery this season?

Lynsey: I think I like the idea of it more than the execution. It’s a great idea on paper, bombs are very scary and dramatic, and having Veronica in a race against time heightens the stakes considerably. But I did find myself getting bored with a lot of the mystery stuff this season, namely because a lot I found hard to follow and very exposition-y. But I did like Patton Oswalt’s Penn Epner, and kept going back and forth between his guilt and innocence.

Meg: I really enjoyed this mystery! It reminded me of the novels. They really did a great job planting the seeds and building this mystery.

Do you have any favorite moments?

Lynsey: Logan and Veronica getting married is obviously a highlight (even though they unnecessarily ruined it by making us think he changed his mind… more on that later). I also really liked the shootout scene where Keith forgets to load his gun and has to go back to his car to get more bullets, and Weevil saves the day. Weevil showing up for Veronica (and vice versa) have always been some of my favorite moments of the series, so that one definitely made my heart swell. Also, Logan. Can I say just Logan in general was my favorite moment? Anytime Logan was on screen he either said something insightful, funny, or was badass. He was a classic Military Marshmallow.

Meg: The Weevil/cabin moment was so powerful. They have such a long, rich history and that’s why Veronica is so mad at him – she’s hurt. She knows what kind of man Weevil is and that’s why she was so disappointed in the actions he took after he got shot. Keith and Veronica had his back and she felt that he betrayed them. When he saved her, it felt like this was his way of thanking her and it really felt like old times. Weevil is a good man. Veronica knows it and in this scene, it seemed like he realized it too. 

Which character do you wish we got to see more of?

Lynsey: Pretty much every supporting character was underserviced. But that’s no surprise considering we are watching Veronica Mars after all. I am disappointed that Mac wasn’t apart of the new season, I really enjoyed how close her and Veronica got during season 3. But I’m mostly upset at how Wallace was used. In an effort to further isolate Veronica, Wallace became the butt of a joke about how “boring” he’s become. Nobody outright said it, but they made it pretty clear that Veronica has “outgrown” Wallace as a friend. It could have been very easy to include Wallace in Veronica’s usual shenanigans if they wanted too. It just felt like Wallace was put in a box, family man = boring. And I obviously love Wallace, so I was very disappointed at how he was used, and the juxtaposition between his life and Veronica’s.

Meg: Weevil! I really loved him in the original show and I loved getting to see him in Season 4. Veronica and Weevil have such a cool dynamic so I would have loved to see more of it. 

What did you think of Veronica this season?

Lynsey: Veronica was very hard to root for. The show itself was about a teen detective who had a cynical exterior, but a marshmallow center (corny, but true). And in this iteration, I guess in efforts to make Veronica seem more grown up, she was a straight cynic. It was very off-putting, and I don’t feel like it was a natural progression from where we left off to where we are now. And Veronica seemed to blame her stagnation on Neptune, cursing (or cussing) her small town for pulling her back in, while Logan rightfully points out there are far worse places than Neptune. It was her “woe is me” attitude that felt off. Also, what she did to Nicole was all sorts of cussed up.

Meg: I really enjoyed it. Veronica is so complex and they never tried to sugar coat her flaws. I also really liked seeing her with Leo. I am a huge Logan/Veronica fan but it was super interesting to see them interact given their history. I also really liked the mystery building and the side characters. I really want another season. Maybe they could do a time travel Felicity fix and bring back Logan? 

What are your thoughts on Logan and Veronica’s overarching conflict this season?

Lynsey: Firstly, I think we can all agree that Veronica belittling Logan’s decision to go to therapy, and repeatedly mocking it, was one of the worst things Veronica was doing in season 4. Veronica has always been a character that championed Logan’s growth, and seeing her actually MOCK him wanting to better his mental health just didn’t make any sense and was a horrible thing to do to someone you supposedly love. You can have Veronica refuse therapy (while going on her own journey of self-improvement) without belittling Logan’s decision to do it.

I started thinking about the season 3 finale and the little smile Veronica gives Logan after he beats up a guy after he threatened her. And I guess you can interpret this differently.

One interpretation can be that Veronica was turned on by Logan’s brash strength and violence. Or you can interpret the smile Veronica gave him as astonishment that Logan stood up to (and beat up) a guy she just told him was apart of a crime family and is “well connected,” and despite this fact, Logan threw away any instinct of self-preservation just to defend her. I prefer the latter interpretation, given that she was just mad at him for beating up Piz… and in no way was turned on. So THAT season 4 scene, and Veronica’s dismissal of Logan wanting to better himself continues to baffle me. Season 4 Veronica would of had sex with Logan after he beat up Piz.

While I loved seeing Logan and Veronica get married, mostly because I just love weddings, I honestly would have been fine if Veronica was a female character that said, “I don’t want to be married, I don’t want kids,” and follows through on that. Partly because when they did get married they swept a lot of the issues the new season presented under the rug.

Another hot take: Leo often skirted the line between sleazy and charming in the series, but in season 4 he was just straight up sleazy. Leo and Veronica’s fever dream sex scene was completely gratuitous and made my skin crawl.

Meg: I really liked that they showed the struggles. Neither one of these characters is perfect and with their baggage comes tension. I really enjoyed seeing the lows and the darker corners of their relationship. It really showcased how strong they are together, despite all of the issues. 

Finally, what did you think about Logan’s death?

Lynsey: Everything about Logan’s death, in my opinion, was wrong. Firstly, he dies off screen. Logan Echolls, a titular character of Veronica Mars, dies OFF-SCREEN like some random extra. There’s no funeral. And besides my general devastation, and the hours I spent crying about this (not joking), killing off Logan (the way it was done and WHY it was done) kind of tells me that the higher ups misunderstood a huge part of this shows appeal.

I watch Veronica Mars to be Veronica Mars. And that means Veronica is going to have different relationships and people that are important in her life. That means the WHOLE formula, the mystery, the sass, the shenanigans, the character moments, the relationship moments (romantic or otherwise), make the show THE SHOW. If the argument for killing Logan is they wanted to move away from the “teen drama” aspect, then they could have. One, by just the sheer fact that they aren’t teenagers anymore helps you there. And two, have Veronica and Logan be solid (I know what a concept), have Logan be in the military for long stretches (even though I don’t agree that his presence holds her back in any way), or have their conflict be about adult things. I to, didn’t want to keep watching “will they, won’t they” for the rest of the show. I personally didn’t need to see Veronica and Logan break up and get back together a zillion times, if they wanted to write their relationship struggles more interesting than that, then they could have. But they didn’t because season 4 and Logan’s death, deconstructed the show we all know and love to make way for a new show that we don’t recognize. And that’s why killing off Logan feels like a betrayal.

Any potential Veronica Mars season 5 will be a brand new show. Where Veronica is on the road, solving mysteries, and alone (which sounds very boring). And what that says to me is “life’s a bitch, until you die” and she’s doomed to a fate of solving other people’s problems but her own. That women in committed relationships are boring. That trauma is like a grand piano hovering over your head held by thin string, and even the slightest move forward will clobber you on the pavement.

That’s why if there are future seasons of Veronica Mars I won’t be watching them. Because it’s not Veronica Mars anymore.

Meg: GAH! As a fan, I am devastated, but as a writer I kinda get it – but I’m still not happy about it. I get that Veronica thrives on grief and vengeance in the early seasons, but this just feels cruel. It was nice to see these two people that came together after a huge trauma grow and develop together. I know that they might want to shake things up and give Veronica a new relationship, but I really hate that they killed him off. I would have much preferred a huge fight and a split (and a future makeup) to this. Logan is such a great character and I am going to miss him so much.

What did you think of the new season? How’s your marshmallows on a scale from gooey and warm to black, burnt, and unrecognizable? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @Pure_Fandom!



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