Why ‘Stumptown’ should be added to your TV list this fall

I haven’t been excited about shows lately. Maybe it’s because Once Upon a Time ended last year, and I tried too hard to find another show I could tweet about 24/7.  However, I am pretty pumped about the newest ABC show, Stumptown!

Here’s a few reasons why you should add this show to your never-ending TV list:

The cast is star-studded

It’s the meeting of New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. Well, not exactly. You have probably seen previews for the show on ABC, and you probably have noticed at least two familiar faces. Cobie Smulders, for one, plays our main character. Another familiar face is none other than Jake Johnson.

Here we have two actors coming straight off of comedy shows; although, Smulders has experience in the action world of Marvel. I can’t wait to see former Robin Scherbatsky and former Nick Miller together on the screen. Obviously, I haven’t seen them act together, but I am sure they’ll have off-the-charts chemistry together. For that, I am excited. It’ll be interesting to see what their character’s dynamics are together.

A flawed, bad ass female main character

From the little snippets we’ve gotten of the show, Dex seems majorly flawed. I am here for it. I think flawed characters make more dynamic characters. There’s always so much to uncover, and there’s always so much room for character development. I love character development. (Please see my love letters — I mean posts — of Killian Jones’ character development.)

Dex seems like someone you wouldn’t want to cross. I know I would be intimidated by her, and I think that’s great that we have a female character like that front and center on our TV screens. Women aren’t all princesses who pick flowers. Nah. It’s refreshing to see a woman on TV who’s not afraid to get a little dirty and kick some butt. That’s what I want to see; I want to see a woman who doesn’t need a man to save her and isn’t afraid of getting dirt in between her nails.

Although, getting dirt between your fingernails isn’t fun…

Action AFFFFF!!!

The commercials alone promise us a lot of action, and I am HERE FOR IT. I’ve never been a fan of police dramas, but there’s something about this show that seems different. Maybe because it’s an ABC drama, and I’ve always been a fan of them. Plus, Dex is a private investigator, how bad ass is that?

Graphic novels represent

Look at shows/movies that are based off of comics and graphic novels: Arrow, The Hunger Games, Riverdale, etc. Those are all major franchises with an awesome fanbase. There’s something about adapting print to screen that makes me want to watch it automatically.

I’ve always been a fan of books-to-movies, and I understand that a lot of people don’t dig it as much as I do. However, with the right cast and writers, it has the ability to be done wonderfully. Even though I haven’t seen Stumptown yet, I have no doubts that this graphic novel adaption will be the next “it” show.

Suffice to say, I am so ready to delve into the world of Stumptown when it premieres next month. Make sure you follow along with us as I recap season 1. It’ll be fun — I promise! Are you excited for the pilot? Sound off below or tweet me!

Feature Image via ABC/Walt Disney TV Press


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