‘Arrow’ season 8: Here’s 5 questions we want answered

Going into Arrow‘s final season, knowing it’s the final season, means that there’s some questions that need to be answered and some plot holes that need to be filled. Here’s 5 questions we have for the final stretch:

#1 Where EXACTLY did Felicity meet Oliver… and what’s next?

Felicity went through the portal with The Monitor and she’s with Oliver, and they’re confirmed to be together and happy. But where are they? In a paradise dimension? Did they travel back to the final moments in “Crisis“?

Did they meet and Felicity said, “our kids really want to see you”?

And finally, the question on all of our minds… will we get to see Felicity again in the last season?

Honestly, that would be great, but if it doesn’t happen I’m THRILLED that they didn’t leave her story so open ended that it would have confined me to a fit of despair on my bathroom floor.

#2 Where is Diggle in the future?


Diggle and Lyla have two sons, Connor and JJ, and I would love to see some interactions with the Diggle family. But first, we need an ETA on John Diggle, STAT!

#3 What happened to Roy and Thea?

This plot point was so hyped up and dropped like a hot potato. What was the point of Roy coming back at all if this never gets addressed? Why was Roy on Lian Yu alone? Is Thea dead?

We need closure with our parkouring teddy bear.

#4 Will Next-Gen OTA pick up the mantle?

Mia herself has been teased and foreshadowed as a hero, and as we saw last season, Mia, Connor, and William make a pretty good team and have obvious parallels towards OTA.

Seeing them figure out how to hero together will not only be entertaining to watch, but would also imbue some hope into 2040. Because again, (with the possibility of a spinoff) these kids are the sweeter world we crave to see in the future.

#5 Will Oliver meet his future kids?

The answer has to be yes, right? Anything else would be a huge let down, and will have me actually yelling “boo” at my television screen. Let Oliver meet his daughter, and be reunited with his son. We deserve the ALL THE FEELS as Arrow takes its final bow.


Arrow will return October 15, 2019, at 9 PM on The CW! Be sure to catch Pure Fandom’s coverage of the final season!


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