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‘The 100’ Season 6: Top Bellarke Moments (and why they’re romantic)

Sorry, platonic friendship - you're toast.

Wow, what a season it has been – especially for Bellarke shippers! While these two leads have always been the heart of the show, there is no denying the romantic undertones each time they’re on screen together. Fans have been aching about the push and pull between Bellamy and Clarke for years and this season might have just been their best yet.

One of the most interesting things to note about The 100 Season 6 is how much it revolved around Bellamy trying to save Clarke. It strongly established and reaffirmed how important their leadership is to not only their people, but to each other. Over the years, they have come to rely and depend on one another, constantly straddling the border between platonic and romantic. 

This season clearly demonstrates to all viewers how much they have come to care about each other, and raises the question as to where this will lead going into Season 7. Here are the top Bellarke moments and why we think they are romantic! 

“You kept me sane.”

The season six premiere finally addresses the radio calls and the much anticipated conversation that follows validates that Clarke has non platonic feelings for Bellamy. When Bellamy apologizes for not answering her calls, Clarke looks as though she was caught red handed. Clarke never intended for Bellamy to find out, which raises the question as to why?

Clarke goes on to explain how those calls kept her sane and how crazy that sounds. She could have called anyone else on the radio during those six years, but she chose Bellamy. Bellamy keeps Clarke centered and gave her hope during those difficult years. It is also important to remember that she continued with the calls even after she found Madi and wasn’t alone. 

This scene could have acted as a driving force for Bellamy to push further on the deeper meaning of Clarkes actions. He could have asked “why me?” and confronted the significance of it. However, Bellamy lightens the mood and jokes about it, which Clarke seems grateful for.  

“You’re my family, too”

Clarke takes advantage of the Sanctum lantern tradition and writes down leaving Bellamy in Polis. She uses this as an opportunity to apologize to Bellamy and let him know how much he means to her. Although these declarations have always been interpreted, it’s refreshing to hear them confirmed aloud. 

Clarke can’t imagine not having Bellamy by her side, she’s regretful of her actions and lets him know through her heartfelt apology. Bellamy tries to understand where she’s coming from and begins to justify her actions, when Clarke abruptly cuts him off and tells him that he’s her family too and an important person in her life. The relief on Bellamy’s face is all the answer she needs before the two share an embrace.

This scene can be interpreted in many different ways, as “family” can be misconstrued and one can claim that it is more of a sibling type bond. However, the emotion behind their words declares a different sort of bond. Clarke declaring to Bellamy that he is too important to her demonstrates that he has a special place in her heart and she needs and wants him by her side.

“Take you and Clarke for instance, now there’s a weird relationship.”

After seeing Bellamy mourn the loss of Clarke then find out that she is alive and still fighting, there is nothing he wouldn’t do to get her back. Even though he knows she is still in there, it is hard for him to even look at Josephine for longer than a few seconds knowing it’s still a stranger wearing Clarke’s face. Throughout this episode, Bellamy is forced to endure Josephine’s taunts as he tries to save the day. 

Once Bellamy realizes that Clarke can hear them, his entire demeanor changes from guarded to vulnerable. Bellamy stares directly at Josephine as if, just for that moment, he’s letting himself see her as Clarke, and with determination tells her that he won’t let her die.

Bellamy has been through Clarke’s death before, he knows what it is like to lose her and he refuses to let that happen again. Viewers can interpret that the hint of humanity that Josephine shows after that line, goes back to relating Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke, to her own feelings toward Gabriel which discussed earlier in the scene. 

“I’m not letting you go.”

Ah yes, the fan favorite scene that everyone can’t stop talking about and rewatching. This is one of the most emotionally driven moments between Bellamy and Clarke so far. Bellamy, on the brink of losing Clarke, continues to fight for her and gives her the strength she needs to come back to him. It’s also interesting to note the parallels between Gabriel and Josephine compared to Bellamy and Clarke.

Gabriel and Josephine, who have been an ongoing love story for over a hundred years  verses Bellamy and Clarke, another ongoing story for over a hundred years. However, the difference between the two is that Gabriel and Josephine had that time to explore their relationship and delve into a full on romance, whereas Bellamy and Clarke are just figuring it out.

This is confirmed when Gabriel tearfully tells Josephine that they had their time, and he has to let her go now. A few moments later, Bellamy directly parallels Gabriel’s line by stating that he refuses to let Clarke go, as if they have yet to explore their own full length love story.

The heart and the head

The heart and the head has always been an important theme when it comes to Bellamy and Clarkes dynamic. It has been proven time and time again on the show that the two work better together, despite not necessarily needing one another to lead successfully. They have come to rely on each other in a way that is not just about their people, it’s more about wanting and needing each other in their life. This balance between the head and heart has come to mean something more over the seasons, but in this scene it literally saved Clarke’s life.

Bellamy used his head to restart Clarke’s heartbeat, while making desperate declarations to her about how he needs her, he can’t let her go, and he’s not losing her again. As already established on the show, Bellamy does not “need” Clarke to lead. Therefore, in this moment Bellamy needs Clarke because his feelings run deeper than platonic leaders.

Bellamy emotionally yells at Clarke that she needs to wake up and fight because she’s a fighter. Clarke, who is caught by Josephine, hears Bellamy screaming for her to get up and fight gives her the strength to defeat Josephine.

When she wakes up, Bellamy is the first face she sees and the camera emphasizes the intimacy of that scene by blurring out everyone around them. The two share a passionate hug and the shot is a clear parallel of their first hug back in season two, when they first established their friendship. 

“We did do better.”

Although short, the final scene between our two favorite leaders has to be one of the most beautifully directed moments between them yet. The sun is rising, it’s the start of a new beginning after all the war and darkness they’ve endured.

Friends and lovers are reuniting all around them in relief that they have made it, when Clarke spots Bellamy who stops in his tracks after seeing her. She launches herself into his arms, seeking comfort as she mourns the loss of her mother. The peaceful setting around them is shown as the camera circles them with the sun clearly rising in the background. 

A heartbroken Clarke tells Bellamy how she tried to do better and asks him for reassurance that she made the right choices. This scene is a subtle parallel of their classic season two finale moment, when Clarke is broken from the choices she made.

In that finale Bellamy tells Clarke it’s “what we did” and that she doesn’t need to take full responsibility and go through it alone. In the season six finale, he says “we did do better” taking some of the weight off of Clarke because she’s not alone, she has him. 

The other side

They reach in for another hug and this time they are shot as a silhouette, with the sun beaming behind them symbolically representing how they are united as one. 

Many romantically established ships from other shows, have had the exact same framing shot. It’s to set the tone of the scene with the sun symbolizing rebirth, energy, strength and life. 

While fans may argue about what the lyrics of the song playing can mean, the beautiful “Other Side” by Gait has become a new anthem for Bellarke shippers. Some may say it’s about Clarke’s feelings towards losing her mother, but it can also subtly signify or give fans hints as to Bellamy and Clarke’s future. The popular fan theory that if the show ends with our two leads sacrificing themselves, perhaps this song foreshadows that we’ll get to see them reunite together on “the other side.”

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The future of Bellarke 

One of the highlights of this show has been about the importance of the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. Those two have grown from strangers to enemies, reluctant allies, partners, leaders, friends, to something more. What that “more” is has yet to be determined as we still have one more season to go. 

Although however you view it, The 100 Season 6 has deliberately shown the audience how much Bellamy and Clarke care for one another in a way no other season has before. In the opinion of many fans, The 100 Season 6 has crossed the platonic line and has clearly expressed romantic intentions between the two. Whether the show decides to go that root next season is yet to be seen, however, we think the story is naturally pointing in that direction. 

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