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Yes, romance is great in fiction. There is nothing better than witnessing the journey of two people falling in love season after season. I live for a good slow burn between my favorite couples. But you know what else is great? TV friendships.

Indeed, what would a TV show be without its amazing friendships? These relationships are just as beautiful and important as any romance. This is why I wanted to pay tribute to some of the best TV friendships out there, who love each other and are always here for one another!

Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

When it comes to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, picking only one favorite friendship might be hard. Indeed, every pairing among the squad is special in its own way and is based on a healthy and respectful relationship. What is amazing about Jake and Rosa, though, is how Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows us a genuine friendship between a man and a woman without ever leaning towards the romantic side.

They’ve known each other for a long time and fully trust each other (1,000 push-ups, anyone?). They’ve gone through things that make their friendship even stronger than anyone else’s, like having both experienced prison. And well, let’s not forget how supportive Jake was of Rosa when she came out as bisexual and her family rejected her at first. If they’re not friendship goals, I don’t know what is.

Killian Jones and Belle French (Once Upon a Time)

These two are a very unlikely pairing, and yet somehow they work very well together. Who would have thought back in season 2 that the wife of Captain Hook’s nemesis would become his best friend – one of the best TV friendships out there, even?! Certainly not me. After all, he tried to kill her… several times.

It might have taken them a long while to get to appreciate each other, but in the end, Belle forgave Killian for everything he might have done to her in the past. After that, he turned out to be an amazing friend to her. Season 6 especially showed how far these two had come since the beginning of the show, with him offering her to stay on his ship when she needed a home and then saving her life.

David Rose and Stevie Budd (Schitt’s Creek)

If you don’t know this gem of a show, you should definitely give it a try! Not only is it hilarious, but it is also filled with heartwarming moments and lovable characters. Including these two.

If at some point they engaged in some “romantic” relationship, they eventually figured out they were better off as friends. Best friends, even, as they both acknowledged to each other in a very heartwarming (and funny) scene after spending a spa day together. Very different from the outside, they actually have a lot in common and thus make the perfect pair.

With the last season of Schitt’s Creek coming up next year, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two.

Liv Moore and Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)

After 5 seasons, iZombie has now come to an end. And even though this show was amazing in many ways, this friendship will always remain my favorite part of it. Ravi was the first person who discovered Liv’s secret (aka., she is a zombie) and was always there to help her out.

Their most powerful scene is probably when Ravi asked Liv to turn him into a zombie to see if the cure he made was working. Their “I love you”s were just as beautiful and meaningful as any other “I love you” scenes between TV couples. They also had a lot of hilarious scenes as partners fighting crime together. I know I will miss seeing these two on my screen dearly.

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation)

If it weren’t for Leslie and Ann, there wouldn’t be any Parks and Recreation. Sure, we all swoon at how adorable Leslie and Ben are together. But the One True Pairing of this show is definitely these two friends.

The pilot shows their encounter, and everything afterwards happens because Leslie promised she would help Ann with her pit problem. From then, we got to see their beautiful friendship blossom, only to all mourn with Leslie when Ann decided to move out of Pawnee.

We all need a best friend like Leslie Knope in our lives, who gives the best compliments and is always here to hype us up.

And you, who are your favorite TV friendships? Which relationships remind you of your best friend and gives you want to binge-watch your favorite show together? Hit the comments and let us know!


Adèle Soutrenon

Adele is a college student who’s about to graduate in writing and translation. If she’s not writing about the TV shows she loves, she’s probably daydreaming about the TV shows she would love to write. From Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Office or The Good Place and Parks and Recreation, you can say she’s a real fan of the "Schuriverse" and sitcoms in general. You can find her on Twitter @adele_sou – with all the TV shows she watches, there’s probably at least one you have in common with her.

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