‘TITANS’ season 2 trailer play-by-play

Titans are back, b*tches!

Titans, the DC Universe streaming service’s premier program, left folks hanging when they didn’t release much news at Comic Con this summer.

Well, they just dropped the trailer for their second season this morning – and it’s a banger! Check it out:

Whoa, that was a lot, wasn’t it? Let’s walk it through slowly.

The Batfam

titans season 2 bruce wayne dick grayson iain glen brenton thwaites

Although this show is very much Dick Grayson-heavy, Titans didn’t shy away from showing Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne. I must say, I thought he was Alfred for a moment. It must be the accent. Oh yeah and look at Dick’s expression here, he is already Done™️ with his new kids and old dad. Dynamic 10/10.

Bruce tells Dick he and his “Titans friends” made the news. How so exactly?

titans season 2 jason todd curran walters
image: dailydcheroes – tumblr

Yes. YES. This is how you announce you are back!!! This is also the most Jason Todd thing ever.

Pause here. It seems the Trigon cliffhanger from last season’s finale will be wrapped up first things first – hence why the Titans “made the news”.

Titans old and new

“There are no sidekicks in [the] Titans,” Dick declares, probably to Bruce. “We’re partners. We have each other’s backs.” Here we catch glimpses of our crew. There are plenty of new faces as well as new gear! We finally see Wonder Girl’s costume, and Kori’s gotten a Black Panther-esque suit. However, Dick notably still seems to be using his Robin costume.


titans season 2 joshua ophrin superboy

titans season 2 starfire

titans season 2 raven rachel roth teagan croft

We also have a glimpse of Jericho and Ravager – the latter in action. It’ll be interesting to see how these two will relate to the team.

titans season 2 chelsea zhang ravager rose wilson

Oh, and is this Jason on a bike? Are we getting the R-cycle? A big bummer of season 1 was that in the pilot, Dick was to chase Raven and the acolyte/policeman down on a bike, but that was scrapped due to shooting conditions in Toronto.

titans season 2 jason todd

And who doesn’t love dogs?

titans season 2 krypto

Still a dad

One of my favourite things about Titans is Dick and Rachel’s father-daughter dynamic. Glad to see that hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s training her, taking her out for coffee, and discussing their team name with her. Also, Rachel still dumps sugar into her coffee. Continuity is always good.

titans season 2 dick grayson rachel roth

Here it looks like he is overseeing the youngsters of the team – Rachel, Gar, and Jason – as they do ops. Could they be in Titans Tower?

titans season 2

Finally, some comic book classics

The earlier sword moment, though barely a split second, also showcases Titans‘ production quality. Season 1 awed me again and again with the way scenes are framed. That said, it wouldn’t be a superhero show without some old school action shots, and here’s one with some old school Teen Titans:

titans season 2 robin wonder girl hawk dove aqualad
image: justiceleague – tumblr

It sounds like there will be a neat blend of the OG Teen Titans with the popular 80s and even some contemporary versions.

Lastly, it’s not a superhero show without a dramatic, imposing shot of the big bad at the end. Deathstroke looks perfectly dark and imposing in his one appearance.

titans season 2 deathstroke

So that’s what’s coming Titans season 2! Only a month to go. Boy are we pumped!

Titans season 2 comes to DC Universe on 6 September, 2019. Pure Fandom writer Ellen Ng will be covering recaps here – be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the action!


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