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‘The Flash’ season 6 trailer breakdown

Meet Barry's deadly new foe.

Can you believe it? Season six of The Flash. It’s real. It’s happening. Has it really been that long?

Last week, the trailer for the upcoming season was shown at Comic Con. Here’s a look in case you missed it:

“No one has to die.”

The trailer is narrated by our main villain, who introduces himself as Dr Ramsay Rosso. For a while he almost sounds like a Cicada 2.0, with his contempt for metahumans and the Star Labs team. He alludes to the collateral damage that fighting metas causes. But ultimately, he says the biggest enemy to humanity is death itself.

When a show reveals the baddie to the audience right off the bat, it sets the focus on their path down the dark side rather than on their identity. We can thus expect to see what drove Dr Rosso to becoming Bloodwork, his villain persona from the comics.

the flash bloodwork
image: DC Database

I don’t spot any easter eggs in this trailer, but I’d love to know if there are any!

Other stuff about season 6

Reportedly, there will be no time jump from last season. This means seeing Barry and Iris deal with losing Nora. Good, I think that is a very important development for both of them, and hate when shows skip over stuff like that with time jumps.

image: Jeff Weddell/The CW

The now-annual Arrowverse crossover will bisect the season, and there will be a second big bad in the second half. Right now it sounds like the first half will deal with Bloodwork, while the second half is more influenced by the crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. That makes sense, as ‘Infinite Earths’ sounds like it would affect the Flash more than it would others.

We’ve already seen such half-and-half type storytelling done really well in shows (think Teen Wolf season 3), but other times not so much (Teen Wolf season 6). I’m not too concerned about storytelling time since The Flash has a longer season format of 20-something episodes. Though the crossover usually falls around episode 9, allotting only a third of the season to the Bloodwork stuff. Then again, there are successful shows whose entire seasons are that short. My question is how the plot on either side of the crossover will connect to each other.

Of course, we will have a better idea of how things might pan out when the season actually kicks off. Mark your calendars.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6 to the CW. 

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