‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Rosa Diaz lines that made us say “SAME”

Rosa Diaz says what she wants, and I admire that.

Every time I watch an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I find myself relating way too much to Rosa’s dialogue. She says everything I wish I could say out loud, and the things that I do actually say out loud. Rosa may seem like a bad ass on the outside, but deep down, we know she has a soft side. I’m sure we can all relate!

Here are some of Rosa’s lines that made us yell “SAME, GIRL!” at the screen:

When she perfectly explained party etiquette

I have never related to anything more than I did when she explained how she rolls at parties. Honestly, this is totally me, and I am not ashamed to reveal this about myself. By not saying anything, it leaves more room for some people-watching. It’s the best, really! Next time you’re at a party, live it up like Rosa would.

When she couldn’t handle the feels

We’ve all been there where we wish we wouldn’t just burst into tears in front of someone. The feels like to sneak up on ya. Well, Rosa said what we wish we could say during moments of emotions.

However, having emotions is human! Even though she wanted to act tough, she lets some emotion slip through the cracks. No matter how much we try to quell our sobs, they eventually come out. As the wise Queen Elsa would say, “let it go.”

When she had super self-confidence

This is the kind of self-confidence we should all embody! I’m sure you’ve had those moments when you can’t help but be smug about being right. Rosa is a little more direct in her approach, but hey, this is something we should be upfront about. Am I right? I am right, and everybody should listen to me.

See? Easy. *Flips hair*

When she knew how to flirt like a PROOOOO

Okay, same, though. Is it really flirting if you don’t totally insult the person you’re crushing on?

When she loved puppies so much

A bit extreme, but puppies are LIFE. Rosa, along with everyone else on this planet, just loves her dog so much. I’m sure we can all relate to our extreme love for our dogs in some sort of capacity. Perhaps not on Rosa’s level. Look how cute he is! Awwwweee.

Rosa is one of my favorite characters on this show because she says what she wants. She doesn’t care about the consequences of her words, and I think that’s great. It’s what makes her character so much fun. What’s your favorite Rosa quote? Sound off below or tweet me!

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