‘Supernatural’ SDCC 2019: Misha Collins has “enormous” hopes for Castiel in S15

Collins spoke about S15, his new book and more!

In the 2019 SDCC Supernatural press room, Misha Collins spoke about the last season of the long running series and how he wants to see it end for his character. To put it simply – Misha Collins wants Castiel’s ending to feel like an actual ending. He was also on board with Castiel sacrificing himself for the greater good.

In a show like Supernatural, death never really feels like the end. We have seen many characters die and come back to life (some multiple times). Misha would love to see Castiel’s end feel more permanent and not something that could easily be undone or fixed.

He also has a very NSFW hope for Castiel that only Misha Collins would actually say in in an interview. All jokes aside, Misha Collins was pretty tight lipped about his characters specific journey, but spoke about what we may be able to expect in Supernatural Season 15.

Another fun note that Misha Collins added was that he and his wife have released a cookbook! You can preorder it HERE right now!

Watch the full interview here:

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Supernatural Season 15 will premiere October 10th on The CW.


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