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5 Things we learned about ‘Legacies’ season 2 at SDCC

More heartbreak, vampires, and TVD-nostalgia.

Image: Legacies SDCC

The students of Mystic Falls’ Salvatore School took San Diego Comic Con by storm yesterday, revealing all sorts of details on the much-anticipated second season. The second spinoff of the hit series The Vampire Diaries promises to build on its infamous mythology, introduce new characters, and, of course, break several hearts along the way.

Here are five things we learned about Legacies season 2 during our press interviews before the Comic Con panel (which was moderated by Caroline Forbes herself, Candice King!)

  1. A fan-favorite villain may or may not make their return. (Cough, Kai, cough.)

Yes, you heard that right. With more Gemini Coven lore comes everyone’s favorite murderous psychopath—Kai Parker. Fans will remember that in season 1, Penelope Park helped reveal the fateful Gemini Merge to Josie. We also ended the season with the twins finding the ascendant they created for Bonnie Bennett to use to imprison Kai in a prison world in the final season of The Vampire Diaries (watch the scene below). It’s likely the only person who knows how to defeat the inevitable Merge is Mr. Gemini himself.

Alaric is still harboring secrets about The Merge, trying to protect his daughters and find a way around it. Matthew Davis shared that Alaric is in a rough place in season 2, as he’s no longer headmaster at The Salvatore School. We’ll find that Alaric has taken up the principal job at Mystic Falls High School, and the audience can expect to see a good-old fashioned high school rivalry take place.

  1. Lots of new characters, including a Damon Salvatore-esque vampire.

There are several new characters fans have to look forward to in season 2, including an old-school vampire named Sebastian that series creator Julie Plec describes as having a “Damon Salvatore” vibe. (Think, sultry eyes and witty one-liners.) This vampire will have tons of interaction with M.G., making their clash in personalities a likely new fan-favorite duo.

  1. Landon’s in love—and it’s not with Hope.

When we last saw Hope, she was sacrificing herself into Malivore to save everyone. The cast teased that when Hope eventually returns to the Salvatore School (it’s no surprise that she escapes the pit of Malivore), no one remembers who she is. Hope has been erased from existence, and the most painful part is that she has to watch the man she loves and sacrificed herself to save be with someone else. Is this something Hope can ever get past? Actor Danielle Rose Russell, who plays Hope, shared that she’s unsure, but that she believes that no matter what Hope will continue to do what’s necessary in order to save her friends.

Matthew Davis shared that Alaric is on the hunt for “who the missing student” is, so hopefully he brings the memory of Hope back sooner rather than later.

  1. More musical episodes.

While we may not get a full-on “Once More With Feeling”, Julie Plec shared that she and Brett Matthews have no plans to stop highlighting the casts’ musical talents. Chris Lee, who plays Kaleb, is a former Hamilton cast member, and both he and Kaylee Bryant, who plays Josie, sang in the talent show episode.

  1. Plans for TVD-nostalgia

Julie Plec and executive producer Brett Matthews weren’t able to share details as to what specific TVD-lore and characters would surface in season 2, but fans can expect to get their fix. Does this mean we may see a new member of the Salvatore family? The Vampire Diaries’ Elena Gilbert is a doctor in Mystic Falls, and she and her now-human husband Damon Salvatore likely have had a child. A new female character with Damon’s sass and Elena’s smarts would be a welcomed addition, just throwing that out there.

Tweet me your season 2 predictions @lizprugh and @Pure_Fandom, and find more Legacies discussions below to theorize with us on until the series returns.

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Legacies airs on The CW.


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