SDCC 2019: ‘Shazam’ and ‘Detective Pikachu’ activation review

One thing is for certain - SDCC is all about the details!

SDCC 2019 is in full swing and so are the immersive and super fun off-site experiences! We checked out the Detective Pikahu and Shazam experiences and we were not disappointed. Here’s a little more about each experience!

Detective Pikachu

This was more of a museum-style, walk through activation than an actual “do something” activation. It was definitely an experience that die hard Pokemon fans will love!

You can hear clips from the movie as you enter the SDCC version of Ryme City. There is a subway portion that makes you feel like you stepped into the movie. In one of the rooms after this, you can see the Pokemon artifacts on display, including a Shiny Stone, an ancient Pokemon tablet and so much more to check out, including a large floating Mewtwo!

SDCC 2019

The last room is a mirrored room filled with Pikachu lightning bolts! It makes for a great photo op for sure! You will finish the walk with a chance to spin a prize wheel and snag Detective Pikachu headband or string bag. You can also take a picture with the an adorable Pikachu.

It’s not very interactive compared to some other SDCC activations, but it’s definitely something you won’t want to miss if you love Pokemon!


SHAZAM! The Shazam experience is just that – an experience! If you recall, in the movie they spent quite a lot of time at the holiday carnival. This activation takes it’s inspiration from that with Christmas trees, carnival games and holiday music!

You will get the opportunity to play four carnival style games after you get your tickets from the ticket booth. There is a ring toss, one where you bounce a ping pong ball into a vase, a bean bag toss and a basketball hoop game. They aren’t super easy, but the prizes are worth the effort! We managed to snag a coveted Shazam fanny pack (and a few foam lightning bolts).

sdcc 2019

After you play the games, you can take a picture in a Ferris wheel seat or next to the GIANT statue of Zachary Levi in full costume. Definitely one you will want to check out!

These activations are located near the Omni hotel, across from the front of the convention center at SDCC 2019!  



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