‘Veronica Mars’: Logan and Veronica’s 10 best moments

All you need is LoVe

Ah, Veronica and Logan. The flagship, but albeit controversial couple of Veronica Mars.

However, for Veronica and Logan shippers, the couple has always been the only and best option when it came to Veronica’s forever love. But why? Isn’t he the obligatory psychotic jackass?

Why, yes. Yes he is. And that in part is what makes Veronica and Logan so compelling. You can make a list of Logan’s dastardly deeds and chalk it up to grief, bad parenting, the effects of privilege, etc., and Veronica always empathized with those factors, but it never hindered her ability to call him out on his bullsh*t and bad choices. And he does the same for her (admittedly not as often).

But what is the main force behind all the LoVe, you may ask? I think it comes down to one thing: They just get each other. No one else can keep up with Veronica the way Logan does. And on a show where the female protagonist is always at a ten, it’s nice to see her love interest match her at times, or at least get up to a solid nine.

And that’s LoVe. For some couples their drive is “I have to figure you out.” But for Logan and Veronica, their shared understanding introduces “where have you been all my life?” and, “what was I ever doing without you?”

But wait! Veronica and Logan’s story isn’t over! An all new season of Veronica Mars hits Hulu on July 26! Ready to celebrate with LoVe’s 10 best moments?

#10 Logan gives Veronica his room key

Logan sweetly gives Veronica his room key, and Veronica, usually with a quip ready and waiting, is speechless. Classic LoVe.

#9 Logan’s first “I love you”

I don’t think Logan was planning to say it then, but he did, and we effectively swooned. Veronica’s response, “the things guys will say to get pass second base,” was also adorable.

#8 “You are not a killer, Veronica”

Veronica is feeling VERY JUSTIFIABLY murdery and Logan talks her off the ledge. Definitely an iconic moment of the series, and in their relationship. All he wants to do is protect her, awwwww.

#7 A surprise “birthday” party goes horribly wrong

Logan and Veronica have decided to keep their relationship a secret, but that goes out the window when they’re caught kissing by a surprise “birthday” party. However, Logan doesn’t walk it back, he stands up for Veronica, and says: “If you have a problem with Veronica you’re pretty much dead to me. So just evaporate or something.” It was equal parts comical and endearing.

#6 Veronica is there for him

A turning point in the Veronica and Logan relationship is when she helps him solve the mysterious aspects of his mother’s suicide. After Logan accepts his mother is in fact dead, he breaks down in Veronica’s arms, and she’s there for him.

#5 Veronica apologizes

Saying Veronica has some trust issues, is an understatement. But Veronica’s apology to Logan really shows that she wants to have that with him. She tells him, “the trust thing doesn’t come naturally, but I’m trying to act unnaturally.”

#4 First kiss

Everything about this. Veronica’s face of “what am I doing?” with Logan’s look of surprise and fascination. Then he just spins her around and kisses her like it was the most natural thing in the world.

#3 Epic

Everyone knows this iconic speech from Logan Echolls. He talks of #LoVe: “Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic.”

#2 Sexy-times

Is it hot in here? Am I blushing? Logan and Veronica’s reunion in the Veronica Mars movie was nothing short of HOT, but it was also incredibly romantic. After Veronica’s dad was in a serious accident, she realized the one person that will bring her comfort was Logan. And the rest is history.

#1 “What’s 180 days to us?”

Logan’s right. What is 180 days to Logan and Veronica? Nothing. They’re epic! I always thought the reveal of Logan in the military perfectly suited his character development, so it was nice to see him having to go for that reason, while also recalling his Epic speech to Veronica. “Come back to me,” she says, and he responds, “always.”


Ready for more Epic speeches from Logan and Veronica? The wait is almost over, my fellow marshmallows! A brand new season of Veronica Mars drops on Hulu July 26. Also, tell us your favorite LoVe moment in the comments or on Twitter @Pure_Fandom!



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