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International Kissing Day: Captain Swan style

Happy International Kissing Day! To celebrate, here are Captain Swan’s top five kisses. Also, if you didn’t know, there’s an hour-long video of just their kisses on YouTube, and I would highly recommend watching that just because.

I might break my own rule and not do just five kisses because come on, it’s Captain Swan.


We were #blessed in Neverland with Hook and Emma. Like who didn’t spit out their coffee when they first watched this kiss. And Emma said it was a “one-time thing.” Okay, girl, you keep telling yourself and the millions of CS shippers out there.


Let’s talk about the fact that when we saw the dialogue for this scene as a script tease, I thought they were wedding cake tasting. LOL. I was clearly wrong because, you know, pancakes. Then Snow had to choose this moment to crash their pancakes, which was all kinds of hilarious, though.

Also, this kiss was totally fire emoji, but it was also really sweet. Amongst all the drama, Emma and Hook had a moment to themselves, and they divulged that they were just really happy. I love them, omg.


This kiss is so aesthetically pleasing. Like so romantic! It was also the context of this kiss that makes me love it so much. Emma had been suffering from the darkness, but Hook was her light. He helped her forget about all the dark thoughts in her mind, and she was able to be in the moment with the man she loved.


I remember when this sneak peek was released and the entire Captain Swan fandom lost their minds. I had been in class when it was released, so when I saw it, I almost screamed. Because I am a totally cool and calm fangirl.

Twitter that day was a good time. The Captain Swan shippers were just so alive. Emma and Hook deserved that moment before the dirigible rained on their (and the fandom’s) parade.

Gif free

I love how casual and sweet this kiss was. Not every kiss has to have fireworks — this was a kiss that illustrated that they were comfortable around each other. Also, it’s like the sweetest kiss I have ever seen in my life. They’re perfect, okay?


I need to stop, but I can’t pass this kiss over. The big “I love you” scene can’t just be ignored. What kind of person would that make me? True love right here!

As I said, there’s an hour-long video of these two just kissing, so there were a lot of kisses to choose from. Honorable mentions go to any kiss between them as Dark Ones, the season 3 finale kiss, the one from 6×12 and really just all of them.

Which Captain Swan kiss makes you swoon? Tell us in the comments of fangirl with me on Twitter with a gif!

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