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‘Krypton’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×04, “Danger Close”

Krypton, Ep 2×04, “Danger Close” aired on July 3, 2019

Welcome back, Kandorians. Seg and Adam are back on Krypton, but they don’t remain together for long. Seg believes that he can reason with Dru-Zod. Plus he was off-planet for quite some time, so it only makes sense that reconnecting with Lyta is at the top of his list.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down Ep 2×04, “Danger Close”. Like Dev, we couldn’t help but notice the drastic change that has come over Lyta this season. It doesn’t take Seg very long to figure out that things aren’t quite right. There are gaps in her memory and she’s acting way out of character. Seg takes action and confirms the truth. Dru-Zod has been reprogramming Lyta to go along with his plan to stamp out the resistance and remake the galaxy in his image. He wants to be a god and sees no reason why either of his parents should get in his way.

Things didn’t look so good for Seg when they managed to get him in that chair. Thankfully (?) his dark passenger helped throw off the attempted re-programming. Did you suspect that Seg hadn’t quite gotten rid of Brainiac? Will Jayna or Seg be able to reverse the damage done to Lyta? What happens now that Lyta is on Wegthor and facing off with the resistance? Lobo has to make an appearance again soon, right?

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Brad & Cort Talk ‘Krypton’ Ep 2×04, “Danger Close”

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