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‘Roswell, New Mexico’: 5 reasons we love Isobel Evans

She is the Queen Bee of the Pod Squad!

Isobel Evans-Bracken – or maybe it’s just Isobel Evans now (RIP Noah, you monster that we will kinda miss). At first glance, Isobel is that woman. You know, the one that seems to be involved in every event, is always perfectly put together and has the perfect life. It only took a season of Roswell, New Mexico to unravel everything that Isobel wanted the world (and herself) to think she was.

At the end of Roswell, New Mexico Season 1, her world came crashing down (pun intended) as she learned the truth about her husband and his connection to the mysteries happening all around her. We also saw how Noah preyed on her childhood trauma and invaded her mind when she was most vulnerable.

To add to her already full plate of devastation, Isobel will also have to deal with the death of her beloved brother, Max once Season 2 is underway. Our hearts are already breaking for her as we wait anxiously for Roswell, New Mexico Season 2!

Despite her “mean girl” moments, Isobel is all heart. There are so many reasons to want to wrap Isobel in a protective bear hug and watch Land Before Time with her. Really, she deserves all of our love! These are just a few of the many, many reasons to love Isobel Evans.

isobel evans

Her strength

This woman has been through some sh*t and yet she always seems to bounce back. She was attacked as a child and was forever changed. While her trauma will always be a part of her, it does not define her (but if it did, that would be fine too). We will likely see that strength in action as she is forced to face life after the earth shattering events of Season 1. Strength doesn’t always mean putting on a brave face and ignoring your pain, it can be a quiet strength and small victories like getting out of bed. We support you, girl – no matter what form your strength takes next season!

isobel evans

She really is the best sister

It was crystal clear that she and Max were super close from their first scene. They have such a close bond that Max practically lived in the cave when she went back in the pod. She also has a super special relationship with Michael. She is always sticking up for him when Max is being too hard on him. Also, her brothers were willing to stage a car accident to cover up a murder she committed, so the devotion is mutual.

isobel evans

Her style

Isobel may be from outer space, but her style is 100% anchored in the dusty roads of New Mexico. Yes, every single one of the characters has awesome style, but Isobel’s southwest inspired cowgirl chic fashion is beyond iconic.

isobel evans

Her wit

There are some intense things happening in Roswell, yet Isobel is still ready to bring the sass and snark. Heck, even on her death bed she was cracking jokes! Props to the writers for the killer one liners and Lily Cowles for her flawless delivery of each and every one.

isobel evans

Her future

As we stated above, Isobel is about to face a very hard time in her life. Despite the manipulation and deception, she loved the version of Noah that he presented to her. It’s going to be a complex and confusing healing period for her because it won’t be as simple as “he’s the bad guy and I hate him.”

She will also be learning to live without Max, her twin and her rock. She will still have Michael, but Isobel will no doubt be feeling the shock waves of these losses for some time. While our hearts break for her, we are eager to see where this takes Isobel’s character as she begins to explore her powers. Max’s loss will no doubt push her to try to master the healing power that would have saved him. (Ouch, writers, ouch.)

isobel evans

No matter where next season takes Isobel, we will be rooting for her.

Why do YOU love Isobel Evans? Comment below or hit us up on Twitter and tell us your thoughts!

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Watch Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 on Netflix! Season 2 will air on The CW in 2020.  


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