‘Arrow’ season 7: The 5 best moments of Mia Smoak

Any and all thoughts and musings about Mia Smoak, the child of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, will feature one constant affirmation: She’s badass.

So I’ll say it here and now and won’t say it again (more so for my own assurance that I won’t be repeating myself): Mia Smoak is very badass, and a lot of her best moments have to do with her impeccable badassness and genetics.

One of the highlights of Arrow season 7 was meeting Mia, and introducing her to the world of evil organizations with unclear agendas, underground bunkers, and copious amounts of leather pants.

She fit seamlessly into the mythos that embodies that even one person imbuing hope in a seemingly hopeless city, has an impact. And that’s a message The Green Arrow emboldens that’s carried over with Mia… even if she’s not meaning too.

In celebration of the child that was promised, here’s Mia Smoak’s 5 best moments!

#5 Nyssa Al Ghul, Daughter of The Demon, Training our Future Superhero (7×16)

Firstly, Nyssa Al Ghul. Secondly, Nyssa Al Ghul. Thirdly, Nyssa Al Ghul.

Nyssa’s mere presence conveys an omnipotent combative professionalism towards Mia’s training that’s also surprisingly heartwarming. Basically, we needed Nyssa to sell Mia’s skills.

And the fact we get to see Nyssa again is a treat in itself, but what’s even more satisfying about her appearance is how she’s entrusted with the most precious task. Training Mia, and keeping her a secret.

We were also delighted with the little Mia’s, who apparently only get one pair pink pants to train in. However, as Mia graduated to a top tier Ninja™, her pink pants morphed into green. Coincidence?

Also, I would give anything for Nyssa Al Ghul to just show up into my life and say “you’re ready” without any cause or explanation… I love Nyssa.

#4 “Take care of mom” (7×22)

Mia has this way of peering into your soul and erupting any running semblance of confidence. She captures that blinking light of will, snuffs it out, and gets the job done.

You see that here, and with everyone she fights. There’s a sense of annoyance, almost as if she’s swatting flies that happen to have the misfortune of buzzing too close to her face. That’s a quality that Oliver doesn’t possess, and belongs only to Mia. Which is probably on account of being trained her whole life in one specific skill. Once you master it, the thrill, rush, and enjoyment is accompanied with a mundanity.

One minute she’s eviscerating the patriarchy, the next she’s tearfully asking her brother to take care of their mom. Her arc has been consistent upon turning her reluctance (in her mom, in what she does, in being a hero) into belief, and now she’s even willing to sacrifice for it.

Hey, what can she say? She’s sweet and fiery.

#3 The Mother-Daughter Chat (7×16)

This scene was one of the more emotionally resonate of the season. It’s Mia trying to understand Felicity’s point of view, while giving insight into Mia’s motivations, which at the time were ambiguous.

As Felicity says, “Mia, you are so much like your father,” I cry… every time.

Mia has a newfound understanding and respect for her mother here, and that’s something we can all relate too. Being so mad at your parent(s) then looking back retrospectively at their sacrifices and humanity simultaneously softens and strengthens them in your eyes.

And as Felicity says, “I’m so proud of you,” I cry, obviously. But I also find joy in the fact that that’s one affirmation we all crave to hear from our parents, or from the adults that shape our lives the most.

#2 “Hi” (7×16)

Everything about this adds 10 years to my lifespan.

  1. Mia taking off her shoes, pulling an arrow out of her hair while shaking it out, and as the elevator doors open saying “hi.” I can easily watch this sequence every day and it will be as refreshing as washing my face every morning.
  2. As Mia takes down one guy and shoots another with a bow and arrow in under 5 seconds, she saunters over to him like a lioness hunting her prey.
  3. She looks over to see that Connor is still fighting one guy, so she intervenes and he’s on the floor passed out.
  4. Mia Smoak is focused, in charge, and in her element until she sees her mom. Then she’s just a normal girl again.

#1 Cloak Tricks (7×16)

This is Mia Smoak’s top moment because this was her chance to step up to the bat. While she dismantled a large group of grown men (and still could of had time to file her nails) we got to see the extent of Mia’s skills. As she seamlessly caught the bow and fired off her arrow, hood up, we were reminded of Oliver Queen, and how we wish he was there.

During this moment, she personified the Star in Star City, and our princess did not disappoint.

Stray Musings:

  • With the state of Star City 2040, I’m sure a lot of you are saying “NO” to the potential  Mia Smoak Show spinoff. And that’s valid. Wanting to see a world ingrained in optimism in not a bad thing, nor is it a bad thing to want that reflected on your television screens. However, I will say this to people who do want a spinoff (myself included), the creation of the sweeter world on Arrow that we all crave, never lived or died on Star City. And you can have your separate feelings about that and still recognize that the sweeter world always lied within the characters themselves. Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle live in Star City, protect Star City, love Star City, but THEY are the sweeter world. And so are their children.
  • Also, Katherine McNamara is the perfect Mia Smoak and deserves all the praise and applause she’s getting for her fantastic performance.

Arrows final season will debut this fall on The CW!



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