‘Good Trouble’ 2×02 Recap: “Torn”

Callie faces an uncertain future

Good Trouble 2×03 “Torn” aired on June 25, 2019

Malika and Callie have a lot in common, probably more than they realize. At their core, they’re both driven by their principles and the belief that doing the right things is always the right choice, consequences be damned. Except those consequences tend to catch up with you.

Let’s break it down…


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Malika and Callie were shaped by their very different experiences in the foster system. From an early age they knew that the world wasn’t always fair and more than anything they want to fix it. They’re also both impulsive and reckless.

Malika shouldn’t have stolen Callie’s security card, but she wasn’t thinking about long-term consequences. She was filled with rage, and so she made a rash decision and stormed into Judge Wilson’s office. She looked into his eyes and went off on a tirade about the system being rigged and questioned his humanity.

Malika and Callie have a lot in common, but one fundamental difference is that Malika is a black woman living in this country. Malika’s in a lot of trouble and Judge Wilson has no sympathy for her. He believes that people should be held accountable so he’s pressing charges. Callie brings up the topic of accountability when it comes to his own son.

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Malika’s savior ends up being a woman she’s never met, Naomi, Judge Wilson’s secretary.  For the first time in a decade working with Judge Wilson she shares her opinion with him, that Malika was overcome by a lifetime of frustration of not being seen or heard. She made a mistake, but he knows that Malika’s mistake will have far greater consequences for her. Naomi asks him to not ruin Malika’s life.

And so it seems that Malika catches a break. Sandra doesn’t want rage to ruin Malika’s life and urges her to focus on love, friends, and healing. Malika hits pause on her activism, at least for the moment.



Callie’s unemployed! When Judge Wilson confronts her about Malika (and the personnel files, let’s not forget those), he calls her naive and wonders what he should do to hold her accountable. Callie suggests he should fire her (he totally should), but he doesn’t, so Callie quits.

We see Callie on the job search, interviewing with organizations like ACLU, where she would to do the work she’s always dreamed of doing. The interviews go well, she just needs to pass the bar.

As Callie waits for her bar results, a very understanding Mariana pays all their bills. Callie hangs out at The Cotiere and day drinks, she gives Davia love advice and gossips with Malika about boys. It’s all very fun and unlike Callie.

Then it all comes crashing down. I’ve been worried about Callie’s bar exam for a while. Turns out I was right to worry, Callie did not pass the bar.  A devastated Callie calls Jamie and cries into his arms.

Office hookups


Mariana has a sex dream about Evan and feels awkward about it. When she shares this with the ladies of The Cotiere, the topic of office sex comes up. Davia is surprised that Raj and Mariana haven’t hooked up at work. Mariana makes a mental note and adds “office sex” to her to-do list.

Back at the office, Evan goes to Mariana for feedback after his misguided attempt at “Women’s Day”. While I think he’s sincere when he asks for Mariana’s input, it’s obvious he also wants any opportunity to talk to her. When Mariana brings up the pay gap, Evan promises he is working on it, but is facing pushback from his (male) board of directors.

In the meantime, Mariana suggests creating an, “Employee grievance committee” that can make suggestions to management. Evan’s all for it, and adds this to Mariana’s growing responsibilities.

Always an overachiever, finds time for an office hook up with Raj. I’m not here to judge anyone, but those offices are all glass, the chances of someone seeing them are just too high. And guess what? It’s Evan who sees Mariana and Raj making out and doesn’t seemed too pleased about it.

The next day, Evan takes Angela aside. When the women are discussing sexual harassment policies, Angela suggests a new rule that supervisors can’t date anyone on their team. Mariana has no choice but to agree, which is bad news for her and Raj.

Davia and Dennis…it’s complicated

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Davia is desperate to find any way to help Dennis. She tries running with him, improving his diet, and meditation…none of which interest Dennis. He finally agrees to go to a grief support group, but then bails as soon as Davia leaves.

Dennis feels suffocated by Davia’s attention and tells her that she can’t save him. Davia knows this, it was never about that. She know it’s pointless to help someone who doesn’t want to saved, Davia wants him to save himself.

Dennis isn’t ready to share everything with Davia, but he does trust her. By the end of the episode, Dennis knocks on her door and asks to stay with her. She doesn’t hesitate to say yes and they fall asleep on her bed.

Elsewhere in The Cotiere:

  • Speaking of Davia, her feelings for Jeff have changed, so she tries to break up with him. Per Callie’s suggestion, she tells him it’s because she’s not willing to move back to Wisconsin. This backfires when Jeff says he’ll move to LA for her.
  • Elijah, Gael’s ex who broke his heart, shows up at The Cotiere. He’s obviously super hot. Elijah apologizes to Gael for hurting him and inquires as to his relationship status.
  • Malika’s brother brings some of their mother’s stuff over and she finds a letter from their dad who was in prison. By episode’s end she goes to see him.

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