‘Good Trouble’ 2×01 Recap: “Percussions”

Good Trouble 2×01 aired “Percussions” aired on June 20, 2019

Good Trouble is back for its second season and continues to tackle serious issues with honesty and thoughtfulness. And yes, there’s also lots of good relationship drama to dissect.

Mariana’s future at Speckulate…

Mariana has decided to stay at Speckulate and develop her app. It’s great news, except for how she’s still dealing with the fallout from releasing the pay-gap information. The tech bros at Speckulate are not her biggest fans and blame her for Josh getting fired (they did not get the memo that he sucks!). It doesn’t help that Evan keeps giving Mariana special attention and coming to her for advice.

One thing that does seem to be going well for Mariana is her new relationship with Raj. They have some let’s say, interesting complications, as Raj is the first guy Mariana is with who is not circumcised. She kind of freaks out about it, and asks her friends for advice, but ultimately she and Raj talk about it and it all ends well for these two.

Mariana even offers Raj a spot on her team. A decision that becomes more complicated when the Fight club women are excited about Mariana’s all female team, which is news to Mariana.

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Out and proud

In the season finale, Alice came out to her parents, who turns out already knew…This episodes delves into the aftermath of that. Her parents are trying to be supportive, and yet their support comes with strings. They tell Alice she can’t come out to anyone else in her family because it would bring shame to their family.

The best part of Alice’s storyline is definitely the very cute video Alice makes for Joey about being out. The charming video is enough to convince Joey to give Alice a third chance and two reunite!

Joey then tells Alice that her pronouns are now they/them. Alice’s reaction is less than enthusiastic, not being she has a problem with Joey’s pronouns, but because it’s just another thing her parents will struggle to understand.


Davia and Dennis

I am fascinated with the Davia and Dennis dynamic and whatever the show is planning for them. I am feeling the connection between these two, and yet they are each such a mess right now, that I don’t see any way that a romantic pairing for them is anything but chaos.

Dennis doesn’t want anyone else in The Cotiere to know about his son and his hospital visit.  Davia tries to make sense of his suicide attempt, but Dennis doesn’t want to talk about it. She is concerned about Dennis and makes him promise to come to her if he ever feels suicidal again.

As much as they’ve come to lean on each other, they’re both keeping a lot of things from each other. For example, the fact that Jeff and Davia are still together and he seems to think she’s moving back home to be with him. Like I said, these two are a mess.

No justice for Jamal

After a whole season of build-up, Jamal’s trial comes to an end. The verdict is what we’ve come to expect in cases like this, the jury finds the defendants not liable for Jamal’s death. It is heartbreaking and disappointing although not surprising.

The verdict arrives after a small victory for Callie earlier in the episode. Judge Wilson needs to consider entering Office Griffin’s personnel files into evidence. The same personnel files that anonymously got sent to Callie in the season finale.

Judge Wilson suspects that Callie might have something to do with the appearance of the personnel files. They dance around the question of the files for a while, until Callie admits to having the files, but is adamant she didn’t leak them. Callie also uses this opportunity to go off on Judge Wilson about how no one can really be an impartial judge and his tendency to choose conservative precedent. Yeah, not sure how Callie didn’t get fired on the spot.

Judge Wilson eventually does allow the records into evidence, but in the end it’s all for nothing. Jamal gets no justice for his death at the hands of police.  Outside the courthouse Jamal’s mother gives a statement about being tired of, “white juries and judges protecting officers who kill us”. The members of The Coterie, including Callie and show up to support Malika.

Malika, turns out to share Callie’s recklessness when she steals Callie’s security card and storms into Judge Wilson’s office. The episode ends with Federal Marshalls asking Callie to come with them. Safe to say, nothing good will come from this.

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Jamie’s in love!

Callie confides in Jamie about the personnel files anonymously being sent to her. His reaction is less than ideal, as he tells her that her behavior even when righteous has consequences and could affect her career forever. His concern is noted, but man does he come off as patronizing, and you know I’m Team Jamie.  He does later apologize and tells Callie that he loves her.

Elsewhere in The Coterie…

  • There are some very funny moments in this episode. My favorites were probably Jamie walking in on Mariana getting dressed and Alice’s parents gifting her a rainbow comforter…
  • Favorite line, easy: “Hey Mariana, can you spell misogynistic?” “A-L-E-X?”

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