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Everything we know about Wizards Unite

Wands at the ready!

Wizards Unite releases to the US and the UK on June 21st and we are READY!  Once it releases I will be giving a review on all of the awesomeness it is sure to be. Until then, here’s what we can expect from the new game.

The Story

Something called ‘The Calamity’ has been wreaking havoc in the Wizarding World. Artifacts, creatures, and beloved characters from Harry Potter as well as Fantastic Beasts have been appearing in the Muggle world. It’s up to players to return these ‘foundables’ to the Wizarding World or else Muggles will find out the truth about magic. It seems to be a blend of mystery, scavenger hunt, and a dose of true J.K. Rowling story telling.

Augmented Reality

If you were part of the Pokemon Go craze, you are sure to love this one. Wizards Unite is essentially the same concept, walk around to catch magical creatures or find these ‘foundable’ objects. Think of yourself as Newt Scamander, trying to capture the lost beasts. Not only that but players can brew potions and even battle against other players. The part of the game that looks to be the most unique part of the game is its use of portkeys. Portkeys will be hidden and once used, will be able to transport the player to a full 360 degree experience in Wizarding World locations. If you haven’t been the Wizarding World in Florida, this seems to be the next best thing!


Not only can you play by yourself, but you will be able to team up with other players to battle against Death Eaters. You’ll have to hop on your broom to fight against these foes as there will be Fortresses set up in different locations, much like the gyms in Pokemon Go. Not only will you be able to team up to fight, but you can develop different skills so that you are sure to win. You can specialize in different magical jobs to increase your odds of winning. Ever wanted to be Magizoologist? Now’s your chance. Each profession will give you different skills just like in the real Wizarding World.


Watch the official trailer for the game


You can sign up for updates on their website and pre-register for the game on Google Play.

Stay tuned for my game play!

Featured image from harrypotterwizardsunite.com


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