The 5 best moments from ‘Lucifer’ season 4

It was a HELL of a lot of fun!

Lucifer season 4 had a lot of hellishly fun, dramatic, and hilarious moments! And it was SO HARD to narrow our favorites, but we did it!

And hey, if you disagree with our best moments, I’ll take comfort in the fact that it will send me straight to hell so I can see my favorite angel Lucifer again.

Kidding, kidding! (But not really):

#5 Creep and Mr. Saidoutbitch


If there’s any relationship of Lucifer’s that’s a rival to Chloe, it would his relationship with his piano. He often draws comfort in music’s particular language, and it help’s him sort out his feelings much like Dr. Linda. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of our favorite moments from season 4 is Lucifer preforming his feelings of rejection for all of LUX to see. And subsequently, Mr. Saidoutbitch trying and failing to rob the devil, and in turn, the devil giving him money and gold anyway in hopes that his possible redemptive path will influence some hope in Lucifer.

Ah, you gotta love that quirky, singing, dreamboat of a devil.

#4 Wonderwall


“I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.” -Oasis

Maze can often be found standing in the periphery of everyone else’s happiness. That’s why this moment was so special. Besides the amazing cover of Wonderwall, we got to see Maze be vulnerable in a new and exciting way. And even though Maze’s romantic gesture wasn’t reciprocated the way she wanted it too, my heart warms at this demon’s fantastic growth.

And I’d still keep a candle burning for Maze and Eve… those two are good for each other.

#3 “I’m terrified!”


This emotional scene explored unfamiliar territory for Chloe and Lucifer. Betrayal, confusion, hurt, fear, all come to head in this stellar season 4 moment. It’s not easy for us humans to come to terms with our mortality, and the monsters that may be waiting for us when we do. It’s also not easy for Lucifer to wrap his head around the possibility of Chloe betraying him, even if she is afraid. He thought what they had worked beyond the fact that he is actually the devil.

Chloe heartbreakingly explains that she’s “just Chloe Decker, a nobody,” and is not equipped to deal with the enormity of Lucifer’s divine history. All the while Lucifer asks her “could you accept me like this?” and shows her his devil face.

I understand Chloe’s motivations, and even Lucifer does too, to some extent. However, Lucifer cannot be with Chloe knowing she can’t accept ALL of him. Nor should he. And being the devil… is a part of him.

It was the first honest and raw scene between the two, and it ultimately made them stronger.

#2 Bow Down To Your King


We have Chloe telling Lucifer that she’s not afraid of him, Lucifer in full-Satan mode commanding his demons, which therefore creates a lovely and dramatic moment.

Lucifer commanding his demonic followers to “bow down to your king” is certainly an iconic moment of the series. Hopefully in season 5 he can control when he has angel wings and when he has a devil face, so we can get more moments like this.

#1 My first love was never Eve…


Seasons 1-3 Lucifer is just a guy, who happens to be the devil, drinks too much, and has a lot of sex. But ultimately has a heart of gold and falls in love with a human. Lucifer was never a heroes journey in my opinion, but the ending of season 4 suggests otherwise.

What do heroes do? They sacrifice for the greater good.

We’ve seen Lucifer put himself in harms way to save Chloe before, but now he’s sacrificing his happiness with Chloe, and it’s to save everyone, not just her.

This scene is so heartbreaking because they finally got to the place where they can tell each other how they feel, and he has to leave. In the end, Lucifer sacrifices what he most desires, his happiness with Chloe.

Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix, and has been renewed for a 5th and final season!



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