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‘The 100’ 6×07: “Nevermind” recap

The 100 6×07 Season 6, Episode 7, “Nevermind” aired June 18, 2019 on The CW

In a lot of ways Clarke and Josephine are two sides of the same coin. They both do things under the banner of “saving my people,” but the difference is, Clarke actually means it. There may have been a time when Josephine wasn’t a monster, but in the last 200+ years, her mind has developed a desensitized view of the people she once called her own.

Josephine’s goal is more to do with self preservation, whereas Clarke is willing to sacrifice herself to save her people. It’s something we learned pretty quickly as this episode took us on a stroll down memory lane for both Clarke and Josephine. Let’s take a look at the war waging in Clarke’s mind in The 100 6×07!


Lexa, Madi, Papa Griffin, and so many memories filled the cell walls where Clarke was being held captive in her own mind. It’s haunting. Clarke comes to the realization that she is dead(ish) and we are not okay. She opens a door and finds herself back on Earth in the valley where she lived with Madi and she is greeted by her father – only it’s all in her head. It’s all very Supernatural meets Buffy and we are f*cking digging it.

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Ghosts of her past

Alie saved the damn day! Remember when Alie was trying to wipe everyone’s mind a few season back? Turns out she made a little repository of Clarke’s memories so she is not wiped after all! YAY! Not gonna lie, we didn’t super understand how all of that worked, but we aren’t going to look a red dress gift horse in her Earth destroying mouth. Clarke’s mind is intact and that’s all we care about! She also advises Clarke that she should hide the memory of them saving Raven from the chip and it starts a giant game of cat and mouse between Josephine and Clarke.

Josephine and Clarke

Finally, we get to see Clarke and Josephine come face to face. Clarke tries to reason with Josephine, but it’s no use. Also, you have to love that Clarke’s first suggestion was to go murder someone else, but also – we agree. There are people that have been programmed to think that becoming a Prime is a huge honor. It’s very safe to assume that once Abby is able to make Nightbloods, someone will be happy to take Clarke’s place (while Clarke and the crew work to rid Sanctum of the Primes, obvs).

The CW/The 100

Memory lane kinda sucks

As Clarke runs to escape Josephine (and eventually Russell), she is forced to face all of her demons and it’s pretty hard to watch. We know that Clarke has done some stuff, but she is a fricking hero and we will never get on board the Clarke hater train (even if it’s self inflicted). While trying to escape Josephine, Clarke is confronted with her projections of Octavia and Maya.

They drudge up their past dramas and it’s stuff we have heard before, and it serves as a harsh reminder that Clarke is still punishing herself, even now. Clarke’s guilt is heavy and it’s never been more evident.

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Monty was always the voice of reason and now here he is, in Clarke’s head to tell her not to give up! Monty’s projection says everything we are thinking – Clarke needs to fight and Josephine needs to go. He tells her that letting their people live while the Primes are murdering everyone is not the way to go. They walk hand in hand to Josephine’s mind space to figure out a way to save Clarke!

Josephine’s mindspace

Clarke was on the brink of giving up, but after seeing Josephine’s memories, she changed her mind. Josephine is a monster. For reals, she is so bad that even her own best friend tried to murder her after she started insisting that oblation is the way to go. Yes, Clarke has done some messed up things, but she when is the last time she left a baby in the woods to be eaten by trees? We’ll tell ya – NEVER! Even if Clarke hates herself, she decides that she’s the lesser of two evils. Josephine must be stopped.

Monty and Clarke gain access to one of Josephine’s deepest memories and it’s super f*cked up. They use the memory to manipulate Josephine’s body by sending a morse code message to Bellamy. They spell out A-L-I-V-E and (thanks to Earth Skills class up on the Ark), Bellamy gets the message. He knows Clarke is alive and he is ready to save her!

HELL YEAH! We are so ready to see Bellamy fighting to save Clarke while Clarke battles to keep her memories in her mind. Also, this episode just further cemented that this season is Clarke’s best look. Like, for reals.

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