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Report card for ‘Manifest’ season 1

Manifest season 1 passed the test!

Well, Manifesters, it’s been a hot minute since the show went on hiatus. Seriously, where did the months go since the season finale left us with our mouths open? While Manifest won’t be gracing our screens until midseason (cue tears rolling down your cheeks), we can still chat about what went down during season 1.

Without further ado, here’s a report card for Manifest season 1 because even TV shows get graded:

The characters

Grade earned: B

Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, Cal and Zeke were all the MVPs of season 1. I enjoyed getting to “know” them over the duration of the season. Besides the supernatural elements going on, their characters were relatable. None of them were perfect, and they all had their own struggles, but I think that’s what made them likeable. I like my flawed characters (see old posts about my love of Killian Jones and Emma Swan). Flawed characters are more realistic; therefore, more enjoyable to watch their character development.

For the most part, I enjoyed the characters in different ways. The only reason it’s not getting an A is that, as you all probably remember, Grace irked me to no end during the first half of the season. Yes, she did get slightly more likeable at the end, though. Also, Jared starting annoying me as the series progressed.

Shock factor

Grade earned: A freaking ++++

The plot twists on this show were out of this world. I never could guess what was going to happen, and each episode kept proving me wrong. Once you thought you had it figured out, something would happen that threw your whole theory out the window. There wasn’t a moment where I had an idea of what was going to happen. I think that’s the joy of watching this story unfold — you don’t know where it’s going to go. It’s not predictable, which is good.

I still think the biggest shock factor was Ben not knowing about podcasts. They’re very hip, Ben.

Wrap up of the season

Grade earned: A

Obviously, we weren’t going to find out the mystery behind the plane within the first season. That would be illogical, and I expected to be impatient as the story unfolded. That’s the point of good storytelling — you have to drag it out and make us tweet in all caps in frustration. CAPS LOCK FOREVER.

As far as I am concerned, the season wrapped nicely. Well, as nicely as it could. That ending wasn’t nice at all, as we all know. There were a few things that were dropped in that left us hanging, but I am here for a cliffhanger. I guess we’ll have to wait to see who Grace’s baby daddy is and who was shot in Michaela’s apartment.


Ben Stone’s glasses

Grade earned: A++++++++++++

I think we all know that the real star of the season was Ben’s glasses. The goal next season needs to be to trend Ben’s glasses because that would be amazing. Make this a thing, Twitter.

Overall grade

Grade earned: A

We’re talking about a 90% grade earned on season 1, which is a job well done. Overall, I think the setup of the mystery and characters were well-developed. There was enough drama without it being too much, and there was enough resolution to satisfy some of the angst.

The actors perfectly embodied the characters that they’re playing. After seeing Josh Dallas in OUAT, I was able to separate his character from that show to his new role. Sometimes, after being so accustomed to an actor playing a character, you can’t separate them; however, Dallas delivered Ben to us where I no longer saw him as Prince Charming but as Ben Stone.

And Melissa Roxburgh is fantastic as Michaela. All the actors each had their own flair that made me feel along with them.

There’s still quite the wait until season 2 airs on NBC…2020, you guys. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rewatch the series and overanalyze every little thing. What would letter grade would you give season 1 of Manifest? Sound off below or tweet me your thoughts!

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