‘The Society’ 1×02 Recap: 5 Major Highlights From “Our Town”

Rules now need to be put in place.

The Society 1×02: Season 1, Episode 2, “Our Town” started streaming May 10th, 2019.

After processing the news that 200+ teens are now stuck in this town and everyone they love has disappeared, they all attempt to carry on with their lives as best as possible, however it is seeming to be much harder on others, particularly Gretchen, who sits and waits on a bench in case they return – they do not.

The teens witness a solar eclipse, freaking them all out due to the fact they didn’t know one was due to happen, baring in mind solar eclipses are usually talked about weeks in advance.

Gordie suggests that they might be in an alternate/parallel universe, confirming my theory (yay!), so let’s hope that this is the case, as then they will have something to work with.

Now, here are the five main highlights of 1×02!

Food Audit

Fearing that the food will run out eventually, Allie and Will create an index of everything they have, in order to keep survival rates high and starving something to worry about in the far future.

Kelly visits Will and offers to help him audit the items, causing Allie to witness the two together and feel rejected. Personally, I like Will, but his story arc at the moment is that of being a possible love interest to two people – two people who I don’t think are well suited for him either.

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An unexpected pregnancy

In an attempt to search for some answers, Sam and Becca go through old photographs of the town, in search of any clues that may pop out to them.

Becca runs out of the building a short while after and throws up in a nearby bush – we later on find out that she is pregnant. Who to? We don’t know this.

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All I know is that this is going to be a terrifying process for Becca and all of her peers, as not only do they need to look after themselves, but there is also a new born baby on the way who is going to need a lot of care.

Plus… who on earth is going to deliver the baby!?

Important documents destroyed

Sam continues to search through photos and documents – surprisingly coming across a letter from Pfeiffer (see, I knew this name would pop up again), demanding $1.5 million for the removal of the smell.

He then finds a letter dated the day before the disappearance and finds out that his father was involved.

Campbell dismisses the idea of telling everybody about the documents and demands Sam destroy them, as if everybody knew their family was involved, the two teens would also be blamed for what is going on.

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Although Sam refused to shred the documents and Campbell does so instead, I’m really annoyed at Campbell for being such a jacka** to Sam, when he only ever has good intentions. If they told people about this document immediately, no one would have put the blame on them – it’s clear to anybody that Sam would never lie… until now.

And dragging on a lie that could possibly help them out of this possible alternate universe, it’s going to come with consequences.

Elle held captive

We learn that Elle is quite a loner, and was before the disappearance even happened. With everybody going through the same situation, you’d think everybody would be supporting one another and unfortunately for Elle, girls are still refusing to associate themselves with her, leading her to seek out the one thing she really shouldn’t – Campbell.

Campbell is most certainly bad news, however, at such a lonely time, Elle finds her way back to him, knowing he’ll give her the attention she wants and needs.

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Although she does try to leave, Campbell convinces her to stay, where they do cocaine and masturbate together – yeah, this wasn’t an uncomfortable scene AT ALL. *Sarcasm intended*

Campbell also promises to keep Elle safe, which is extremely dangerous territory because now Elle is going to always seek reassurance and safety from Campbell, allowing him to have power and control over her.

The town riots

A rainstorm drives everyone out of their homes and rioting, setting things on fire, breaking windows, etc.

As Becca says, this is just the beginning of what’s to come. These teens need to be properly put in check now and with Cassandra in charge, things are about to change. Rules are to be put in place. Let’s just hope people are willing to go along with it.

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