‘iZombie’ 5×05 Recap: “Death Moves Pretty Fast”

Blaine's take-down has finally arrived...

iZombie 5×05, Season 5, Episode 5, “Death Moves Pretty Fast,” Aired May 30th, 2019.

Although this episode was no “five, six, seven, ate!”, I have to say it was the second best episode of this season so far, throwing it back to the good old days from season one.

So many little plot holes from season one are coming out to play, including the take-down of Blaine. It’s all getting exciting now!

Murder Mystery of the Week

Liv and Ravi tackle the murder of  independent and wealthy 19-year old, Harris Miller, who was baked to death in his own sauna.

Throughout the entire episode, I didn’t understand why anyone would think to kill such a positive and high-spirited person – Harris was seen spending his time interacting with his fans through a podcast/radio station and then threw what seemed to be an extremely fun party.

Sure, his ego could be big, but who’s ego wouldn’t be a little big if you was successful and wealthy at 19 years old? Killing them for this is definitely not called for.

Blaine Becomes the Murder Suspect

It’s been a while since Blaine has been a main murder suspect and although possible, it was way too obvious.

After Blaine’s guest, Al Bronson’s car has been blocked in from Harris’ guests cars, he (kind of) politely asks them to move the cars and as a teenager would do, Harris refuses because there’s too many people in his home to find out who the owners are and slams the door in Blaine’s face. Typical teen, am I right? Still not worthy of a brutal death.

Luckily for Blaine, Al had to spend the night and was able to check out as his alibi the next morning. Like Blaine says to Liv and Ravi, would we really believe that he would just kill a teen and walk away? Without taking their brains? It’s just not a Blaine move and has he ever done anything where there’s nothing in it for him? Absolutely not.

Catching Harris’ Killer

With the help of Harris’ brain, Liv comes up with a creative scheme that will definitely help them catch Harris’ killer – a tactic Clive (who is currently high as a kite and injured in bed) does not agree with.

Vampire Steve shows not only Liv and Ravi, but us viewers, that he has more skills and talent up his sleeve than we ever though and with a spot on impersonation of Harris to make the world believe he survived, the killer comes out of hiding to finalise his dirty work one more time – shooting Steve for real in the process.

iZombie — “Death Moves Pretty Fast” — Image Number: ZMB505a_0302b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Rose McIver as Liv and Rahul Kohli as Ravi — Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Harris’ killer turns out to be his best friend, Cameron, which wasn’t very surprising, but I did originally have the teacher placed as the number one suspect. Again though, that would have been way too obvious. You never suspect the best friends.

The reason for murdering Harris was as silly as this – Harris has coerced Cameron to do stupid things, leading to consequences and the only solution to his freedom, was apparently killing his best friend.

There’s definitely many ways to go about removing yourself from a toxic friendships and killing is not one. I must say though, he was extremely determined to get that freedom.

Brain Tube Sabotage

The ‘Dead Enders’ are still not accepting the fact that Zombies are amongst them and are becoming more aggressive – up to the point in which they are replacing normal brain tubes and filling them up with the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

The signs begin to show when Harris’ girlfriend’s ex – who was a possible suspect in his death – didn’t know who she was. The second time was when Major seemed very confused about who Frenchy was and Ravi later on found him at home in a daze of memory loss and even more confusion.

With the help of Liv, the two of them feed Major with normal brains and manage to bring him out of the Alzheimer’s brain.

Who knew it would be one of our very own zombies sabotaging the tubes?

Major take-down

Our very own Frenchy was in cahoots with the Dead Enders and now he faces his punishment… on ice.

I’ve never been a very big fan of Frenchy, he can be quite annoying to say the least and I wish Major would show just a little violence and do something other than put zombies on ice. However, we all know that’s not how Major rolls and he much prefers peace. Who knows, he may snap before the show’s over and go all out the way he did with Chase.

I understand why the Dead Enders are wanting to sabotage the Zombie’s food, because they’ll have to be shown as aggressive, but they’ll also need to feast on the human population and that won’t work in Dolly’s favour.

Although seeing her become a zombie would be the greatest taste of karma ever…

Devil Blaine

Things continue to get worse for Blaine, when Al decides to investigate him deeper and finds out all sorts of terrible things that she can expose.

The story she writes includes previous murders, Blaine’s responsibility in killing Major, all the way down to his romance with Peyton.

I don’t know why Peyton didn’t deny the rumours, she’s a politician after all. Lie your way out of things! Now the news of their romance is out there amongst other secrets, New Seattle will certainly not be pleased about Blaine’s involvement in bringing brains in. With Mr Boss cancelling their next delivery – I’m expecting a lot of hell to break loose in the upcoming episodes.

iZombie — “Death Moves Pretty Fast” — Image Number: ZMB505a_0157b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Malcolm Goodwin as Clive, Rose McIver as Liv, and Rahul Kohli as Ravi — Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ravi’s Secret Unleashed

Ravi’s secret about the cure being stored in children’s brains is unleashed to the world and it was DEVASTATING to see how heartbroken he was about it.

With news of the cure now being out there, zombies all over New Seattle are possibly going to put many children in serious danger. Who is going to protect them?

I already know one suspect who needs to be stopped before they start… Blaine.

What did you think about this episode? Leave your comments below and tell us your thoughts!

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