‘The Society’ 1×01 Recap: 5 Major Highlights From “What Happened”

Lost meets Riverdale in brand new Netflix series

The Society 1×01: Season 1, Episode 1, “What Happened” Aired May 10th, 2019.

Let me introduce you to the brand new Netflix series, released only one month ago, The Society. The Society is basically Lost meets Riverdale. 

Welcome to West Ham, a quaint New England town, with little personality, but includes character’s you are going to become seriously invested in.

A mysterious ride to nowhere leads a group of 200+ teenagers to be dropped back off at home, but the twist – everyone has completely disappeared. The group of teens left are now forced to work with one another, in order to survive and build up their own civilization, whilst also trying to figure out what on earth has happened to them and who is behind it.

Before we get in to the highlights of ep 1, let’s recap the characters who we’re going to be seeing a lot of; Cassandra (Rachel Keller) and Allie (Kathryn Newton) are sisters, Cassandra being the ‘perfect’ one of the two, Allie being the less perfect one. Allie has an ever-growing and long-lasting crush on Will (Jaques Colimon), who unfortunately, doesn’t reciprocate the feelings and only has eyes for Kelly. Kelly (Kristine Froseth), however, has only just broken up with Harry (Alex Fitzalan) at this point.

We then have Gordie (José Julián), a love interest for Cassandra, who also becomes a very important character for the show. One of the quarterbacks, Luke (Alexander MacNicoll), is dating super religious, Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo).

Sam (Sean Berdy) and Becca (Gideon Aldon) are the best friend duo you are going to be extremely jealous of. Sam’s older brother, Campbell (Toby Wallace), becomes the main villain in episode one, as he picks Elle (Olivia DeJonge) out of the crowd and has a possible abusive side to him.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Grizz. Grizz (Jack Mulhern) is also a quarterback and becomes a great ally, in which he takes charge in the scouting parties and has everyone’s best interests at heart.

So, without further ado, let’s get in the five major highlights of 1×01!

Mysterious Smell

There’s currently not a lot of information about the smell, except that it’s gross and it’s back. I do believe that this smell is going to have a lot more of a role in this town’s disappearance sooner or later, but for right now, it is being dealt with.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Harry comes across his mother having a meeting with a man named Pfeiffer, who gives Harry and Kelly a look – making him the number one suspect to me. There’s something very off about him and I can see his name popping up quite often in this season.

Menemene tekel upharsin

The words ‘menemene tekel upharsin’ are found written on a wall, in which Football Player, Grizz, translates to: ‘You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting’.

Grizz (obviously already being the best character in the show) has his suspicions towards the words, however, his fellow football team-mates shrug it off as just graffiti.

I’m with Grizz on this. There’s definitely something suspicious about these words appearing and I’m sure, like Pfeiffer, this will also pop up again in future episodes.

The Disappearance of Everyone

The high school teens set off on their outdoor adventures, however, the school trip is very short-lived, due to rock slides and mud, as they all wake up to where they started.

Their families are nowhere in sight, although this is not unusual at this point, as it’s late and all of them could be fast asleep.

All suspicions are answered when the kids return to their homes and find no one there. The town is completely cleared of life, aside from them.

So, residents are missing, including parents and what do the teens decide to do? Throw a massive party, duh. What else would you do while people are missing? The lack of concern in these teens is absolutely hilarious, but not necessarily a wrong portrayal of how teens are these days.

No Way Out

The only solution to an empty town and no answers, is to seek out a new town and hope they can help 200+ teens.

Harry and a group of the guys head for the nearest town to theirs and when reaching the town limits, they see that the whole town has been cut off from everything. The roads have been ended with trees and train tracks to get in and out of the town have been destroyed.

I want to believe that they’ve managed to find themselves in an alternate reality or something, because how on earth have these roads been blocked off and damaged in such a short space of time? It’s too early to come up with set theories, but my mind has begun to whirl!

A Scouting Party = Death

A scouting party is set up, with a group of teens on foot, seeking out another town through the woods, however, the only news they brought back was that of a death.

Emily was bitten by a snake and her death was fast-paced, leaving many devastated and terrified of what this new world will bring them. Even though it was only the first episode and a death was bound to happen, being the show that it is, I was really loving the fast-growing friendship between Emily and Luke.


With a town only filled with 200+ teens, no rules and a supply of food that is eventually going to run out – death is only going to come around again at some point. I just hope that the characters I’ve already grown to love are not going to be the victims.

What did you think to this episode of The Society? Write up a comment and let us know your thoughts! 

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