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[EXCLUSIVE] Space Cowboys Podcast: ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ cast and EP Interview

We chatted with this awesome bunch about all things Roswell, New Mexico!

ATX TV Festival took place in Austin, TX June 6-9, 2019 

This Roswell, New Mexico podcast is hosted by Liz Prugh and Meg Bonney. In this special edition of Space Cowboys, Meg chatted with cast members and the creator of Roswell, New Mexico at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas. 

Tune into our Pure Fandom Podcast: ‘Space Cowboys’  Episode 23 to here Lily Cowles, Trevor St. John, Karan Oberoi, Carina MacKenzie, Michael Vlamis, Heather Hemmens and Eva McKenna chat about Roswell, New Mexico, 90’s music and more! Listen in!

Tune in to hear:

    • A cheer squad worthy roll call
    • Why the Michael/Maria relationship is so interesting
    • Carina’s plan for Max Evans
    • Lots of Amber Midthunder fangirling (obvi)
    • Lily’s thoughts on how Isobel might cope with her very new life
    • Why Noah is the best (and worst)
    • Our hopes for the Master Sergeant Jesse Manes jazz band (#JesseAndTheRiffers)
    • Everyone’s favorite episode or scene from Season 1
    • The 90’s music that resonates with each person
    • The knocking of Max Evan’s ghost
    • Plans to get Tom Delonge on the show
    • and more!

Listen Here:

What did you think of our ATX TV Festival chat with the cast and creator? Comment below or hit us up on twitter and tell us your thoughts!

Listen to past episodes here: Space Cowboys: A Pure Fandom Podcast 

Watch Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 on Netflix and on the CW when the show returns for Season 2!


Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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