Exclusive interviews with Melissa Fumero, Lauren Ash and Marc Evan Jackson

Get ready to laugh out loud with three cast members from your favorite NBC comedies in our ATX interviews.

On Saturday, June 8, NBC brought three actors from three of NBC’s comedies to ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas. I was able to chat one-on-one with Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Lauren Ash (Superstore) and Marc Evan Jackson (The Good Place).  Though the hot temperature was no laughing matter, we enjoyed plenty of laughs with the three actors during our exclusive interviews. The three were every bit as funny as they appear onscreen.

Watch the interviews below.

Melissa Fumero

You know her as the fun-loving and quirky Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Watch below to hear what Fumero has to say about directing an episode of the show, her favorite part about playing Amy and much more! Also, side note, she was every bit as sweet as you would expect her to be.

Lauren Ash

From the cold winters of Chicago (they’re super cold, you guys!), to playing Dina and beyond, Lauren Ash gives you some super (sorry, I can never resist a good pun) and hilarious details about her character and acting experience.

Marc Evan Jackson

He’s the Head Demon of The Bad Place, Shawn. Just don’t get on his bad side, and you will be all good. Jackson talks the uniqueness of The Good Place, being mean to Ted Danson and the end of our favorite comedy. Listen to what he has to say about playing the resident big bad.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and binge these three comedies for good time’s sake. The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore will be returning to NBC before you know it with even more laughs. The hiatus is almost over, and then we can go back to laughing with our favorite characters.

What do you love about these three shows and the characters? Sound off below or geek out with me over on Twitter!

Feature image courtesy of Jack Plunkett, ATX TV Fest


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