Olicity’s top 10 moments from ‘Arrow’ season 7

Arrow‘s seventh season had choruses singing Olicity’s love song, complete with “ooohs” and “awwws,” twists and turns, and soft melodies. There were so many great Olicity moments this season, but we thankfully narrowed down our top 10! Check it out:

#10 The Parallel Fight (7×01)

Even though this scene takes place with Oliver and Felicity physically apart, the fact that their hearts and minds are interconnected during every second, is evident.

I am reminded of a quote from The Notebook:

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I’d hoped to give you forever.”
― Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

They have the kind of love that inspires, that exudes hope, not just with each other, but in others too.

What makes this scene so anxiety inducing is the fact that they’re going through their normal routines, and it’s interrupted by their sixth sense. By the hairs on the back of their necks standing up. Nobody likes the unexpected tragedies. The expected ones are unbearable enough as is. The promise of death is not something you welcome with your morning coffee.

The shots are back to back comparing what Oliver’s experiencing, to what Felicity’s experiencing. Oliver is expertly breaking faces, arms, and cement walls. Felicity is throwing coffee pots, kicking, screaming, and using everything she can — the best she can.

They are holding on as tightly as they can for each other, but we still end on shots of them on the ground.

“Diaz found Felicity, your wife is dead.”

This scene gave us so many cinematic gifts, solidifying it’s spot in Olicity’s top 10 moments of season 7.

#9 The Foot Rub (7×18)

A simple scene in which Felicity comes home after a hard day. No domestic Olicity scene is the same, each one offers pretty and packaged nuances, like chicken soup for a shipper’s soul.

There is a familiarity, an acknowledgment of time spent, of time growing and learning with and about each other. A reminder of a solid foundation, of closeness, of having a busy day and just missing the person you love. Of happily being the protector and the protected.

And although exhausted, still being thoughtful, sweet, and courteous to your spouse. Waiting up for your wife, and being excited to tell your husband about your day. Meanwhile, sharing in the solidarity of your tired minds and bones but keeping awake because of that jolt of electricity you feel knowing that you’ll fall asleep side by side. Together.

#8 Naming Mia (7×15)

We actually got to see a scene of Oliver and Felicity naming Mia.

Felicity was cutely checking for a baby bump and Oliver was coyly suggesting they name their potential daughter after his mom. Let’s note Oliver’s nervousness and apprehension sharing his idea, along with Felicity’s immediate assurance and support. She lets him know that she know’s why he chose Mia, and it’s still okay… it’s “sweet and fiery.”

But even amongst the dreams of family and a better future, Arrow still managed to insert a nugget of foreboding dread.

Oliver says, “they’ll always have each other to lean on,” while sweetly smiling at the good memories of him and Thea.

Felicity responds, “and they’ll always have us,” remembering the times when leaning on her own parents wasn’t an option, and how she’ll rectify that with her own children.

However, they didn’t always have each other, and they didn’t always have the both of them.

But here’s hoping for someday.

#7 Felicity Tells Oliver (7×14)

We’ve waited a long time for this reveal. And it’s in particular Arrow fashion for the lead up going into it to be about the pros and cons of killing a big bad.

We got countertop ice cream eating, a supportive husband, then finally, a subtle reveal in hopes of Oliver taking the hint.

He stopped breathing. You can see the wheels turning.

“You said children…?”

And the rest is meticulously recorded in Olicity history.

#6 The Delivery (7×16)

A minute long scene, that had everything. From Felicity’s sass, not-too-over-the-top grunts, and tearful enchantment in seeing her daughters face for the first time, to Oliver holding Felicity’s hand, telling her he loves her, trying to suppress a chuckle, and the biggest smile we’ve ever seen on Oliver Queen.

Everything they’ve ever wanted wrapped up in a little bundle.

#5 Wedding Anniversary (7×08)

We were first broken hearted with the tease of shower sex. We were so close, fandom! However, we did get the zipping of a dress (up and down, I’m sure), repeated wedding vows, and a little make-out leading to a fashionably late Olicity.

Oliver’s nervous about making his debut in society for the first time since his Iron Man moment. Luckily, his wife is a genius and fixes that bout of anxiety in about thirty seconds. And besides, she’ll be with him the whole time.

How late do you think they were to that gala? Thirty minutes? An hour?

#4 Prison Talk (7×01)

If the parallel fight scene was about a dwindling hope then this prison talk is about the slow recharge of it.

You can see Oliver readying himself for Diggle to walk in and say the words “Felicity is dead.” In fact, that’s how Oliver looks, dead, and utterly hopeless. But when she walks in that room and he see’s her face, the relief is immediate. For both of them.

Oliver can breathe again.

Meanwhile, Felicity walked in with a purpose and fire within her:

  1. To remind her husband that he is her entire heart, and she will always wait for him.
  2. And even with the acknowledgment of that fact, she’s not going to things his way anymore. She’s fighting back.

Both Felicity and Oliver are recharged with a new purpose at the end of the scene.

Hiding in the shadows is not what either of them do. They’re Olicity, for crying out loud. The team within the team.

#3 Reunion (7×07)

Nothing is said nor needs to be said.

Just hold me, baby.

#2 Crossover Love Declarations (7×09)

A soul in what appears to be Barry Allen’s body is proven to be Felicity’s husband.

However disguised this love may seem to Felicity, Oliver wears his own heart on his sleeve.

You’re it for me. You’re my person. My best friend. My heart. No matter what happens. No matter how we grow or change. Because it’s you, babe. You’re the love of my life. And that fundamental truth cannot be hidden amidst alternate realities or red suits.

Therefore, the disguise deteriorated before her eyes, and she saw her husband. The Green Arrow.

“Oliver, hi,” she says. Then they kiss.

#1 Goodbye (7×22)

Even with the obvious sadness and despair that saying goodbye has, there is also an apparent fear. Ruelle said it best, “I don’t wanna know who we are without each other.” What do those people even look like?

But we can still make promises to each other, in assurance that we’ll eventually pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, dry our tears, and face another day. Even without you.

The promise and inherent will and desire to keep their children safe fueled Felicity Smoak for twenty years.

The promise to keep his heart beating in hopes of reuniting with his wife and children fueled Oliver Queen for twenty years.

This is so hard, so difficult, so unthinkable, because they are the best parts of each other. And the purity, rarity, and beauty, that comes with that fact is what makes it so much bigger than the freaking universe.

This started with a man who thought he was undeserving. Of forgiveness. Of redemption. Or even of love. But the unconditional love of this woman, and his in return, opened up his heart in ways he didn’t even know were possible. And that’s exactly what Felicity said to him the first time she said she loved him. And he regrets not saying he loved her sooner. They could of had more time.

She’ll tell their daughter that her father loves her every day. And he knows she’ll grow up to be as smart and as beautiful as her mother.

But this isn’t the end of their story. Felicity’s conviction in promising to find Oliver again is absolute. And she does. After she kept her promises, after she feels ready, she meets Oliver on the other side of the multiverse.

They are together again.

I hope you’re okay, fandom!

Shipping started with epic tales and stories surrounding these superhero couples, and we are so lucky to watch the realities, complexities, and beauties, of a boundless superheroic love like Olicity.

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