‘Charmed’ 1×22: ‘The Source Awakens’ 4 Moments We’re Still Not Over From The Season Finale

The season finale of Charmed aired two weeks ago and we're still not over it!

Charmed 1×22: Season 1, Episode 22, “The Source Awakens” Aired May 19th, 2019.

Two weeks ago, season one of the Charmed reboot came to an end and I’m still not over it! Therefore, today, I will be highlighting the main moments of the season finale that had me going wild and still do!

Here is what happened in 1×22!

Bringing back dead people = serious consequences

Reviving Galvin seemed like a good idea at the time, however, as we all learnt from Buffy and many other supernatural TV shows – these actions always have consequences.

Undoing Galvin’s sacrifice caused all of the people he had saved, to die suddenly. Macy’s newfound power had her completely oblivious as to what can happen when you bring someone back from the dead and believed that it didn’t matter who died, she would always bring them back.

Galvin was most certainly not in the right frame of mind and although it was sad to see Macy finally let him go and accept that she can’t save everybody – his heroic death saved many innocent lives and that legacy will live on in him forever.

Alternate realities

We overhear Mel and Maggie speaking to Harry about only being scared around Macy’s new powers because their mother wasn’t around to help calm their nerves.

With her newfound powers, Macy creates an alternate reality, where she comees to Hilltowne before Marisol is killed, however, due to previous information regarding the necromancer’s curse, Marisol dies anyway, because her and Macy are together.

In a second attempt at creating the perfect alternate reality for Macy and her sisters, Macy speaks to the necromancer who originally put the curse on her and her mother, causing for another sacrifice to be made – this one now including a sister to be removed from their lives. In this world, Macy is as close as can be to Marisol and Maggie has been slightly neglected, however still is a part of the family and is very social media orientated, which I have to say, doesn’t suit Maggie at all. I’m glad her sisters and being a Charmed One has prevented her from completely being sucked in to the Kapa world!

Mel is Macy’s sacrifice, however, her and Harry find each other and track down Maggie, regaining their memories back and heading off to stop Macy from creating yet another reality. Mel is told that if she goes anywhere near Marisol, she will die, therefore, agrees to stay away from her mother.

However, unfortunately for Macy, she witnesses Marisol fly out the window to her death, just as she did in the show’s premiere.

Wouldn’t you just give up your powers, instead of repeatedly watching your mother die because of your mistakes? How Macy came out of it so calmly, I’ll never know.

In her final attempts, Macy creates a reality where she is no longer a part of the family, as she believes she is the one that needs to be fixed and all she is doing for her family, is causing trouble.

With the help of Marisol, Mel and Maggie find their way back to the very moment where everything went sideways for Macy, in order to prevent it. Macy loses control over her powers, almost killing Mel and Maggie in the process, but with the love and commitment her sisters have for her, she eventually broke through her icy exterior and fell back to the Macy we all truly know and love, which was a very beautiful moment for the show.

Goodbye Parker

With my favourite OG couple being Phoebe and Cole, Maggie and Parker have most certainly been my favourite couple of the first season, as there have been so many similarities between the two.

So, it devastated me to see Parker say his goodbye’s to Maggie, however, his reason for leaving – getting his demon side in check – will be for the better and hopefully we see the return of him in season two. I’m not ready for Maggie to explore a new love interest just yet.

All hail the Charmed Ones

The season finale ended overall, a pretty damn happy one and that doesn’t happen very often.

I genuinely believed that the finale would land on a massive cliffhanger, leading to Macy being the next big bad, however, with how the episode ended, it seems that they finished filming the show before it had been renewed for a season two, as it felt more like a series finale, than a season one.

The Charmed One’s were greeted at their home by all the Supernatural beings they had helped throughout this season, with the biggest question to round up season one, “Now that the Elders are gone, who’s in charge?”. The answer was pretty simple to them and whether they wanted that responsibility or not, The Charmed Ones now rule the Supernatural world and with a season two in place, I can imagine that this will be a very rocky ride for the three and I can’t wait to witness it all!

In a season-ending tradition from the original series, Macy finalises the episode by closing the door to the manor with her mind… Oh, how we’ll miss this cast! Hopefully we’ve not got too long of a wait until they grace our screens again!

What did you think to this episode of Charmed? Write up a comment and let us know your thoughts! 

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