5 questions we need answered in season two of Netflix’s ‘Dark’

We can't wait!

#1 How exactly does the time-travel aspect work?


As we watch season one, we only really know as much as Jonas does, and it’s not much. The time travel seems like it’s a cycle, connecting every 33 years. But at the end of season one, we see a new time, 2052.

How did all of this start? Is it from the nuclear power plant, or is there something bigger involved? Is it only in Winden? We have so many questions about this.

The show seems well-organized and planned out, so it will definitely be interesting to see if season two is just as intricate as the first, and how much it adds to the mythology of the show.

Also, will we see even more time periods in the future? Maybe 1920?

#2 What is the future like?


Last season ended with Jonas being transported 33 years into the future. Except for the short scene we got, where we saw what’s basically a desolate war zone, we don’t know much else.

Wandering around, Jonas gets surprised by a group of marauders, led by a young woman with a scar on her face, who could easily be a descendant of someone from 2019. She hits Jonas with the butt of her gun, knocking him out, and signaling the end of the season.

Clearly, something big happened, and it seems likely that it’s connected with the nuclear power plant. There’s ash in the air, futuristic helicopters, and everyone has weapons. Definitely not something we’d want to just walk into.

Will Jonas be able to adapt?

#3 Who and what is Noah?


Noah continues to be a complete mystery. We know that he’s appeared over all three time periods, looking much the same. Along with that, he wears a priest’s robes, has a huge, very symbolic back tattoo, and is sacrificing boys in his quest to make his own time machine.

But we don’t know his real name, any of his history, or his ultimate goals. Here are a few popular theories about Noah:

1. He is an older Bartosz. They have very similar looks, and this show casts younger and older versions of characters really well.

2. He was (is?) married to Agnes Nielsen in 1953, and is Tronte Nielsen’s father. He would then also be Ulrich Nielsen’s grandfather. Creepy.

3. Or he’s something else entirely. Given his ominous nature, how he always looks the same, and his direct connection to all the strange things going on, it seems like a strong possibility.

Dark already has time travel, so it wouldn’t be that surprising if there were more supernatural aspects to the show.

#4 Will Ulrich ever make it home?


Ulrich Nielsen is currently imprisoned in 1953 for trying to kill a young Helge. He didn’t succeed, changed nothing, and now Egon Tiedemann, who he has a bad history with in the future, finds his phone.

Who knows, maybe evidence of the more advanced future will convince Egon that Ulrich is telling the truth. It would certainly be unexpected.

Or maybe Charlotte Doppler will come and rescue him. We all know she’s the better detective, and at the end of season one, she finds the mugshot of Ulrich in a newspaper from 1953.

#5 Can Jonas finally be happy?


Unfortunately, this one feels like it’s not going to happen for a long while, but one can hope.

At the end of the first season, Jonas finds out the truth about his family history, and it changes his whole life. He discovers that Mikkel is his father, he has feelings for his aunt, time travel exists, and his future self is walking around 2019.

All that at once can make anyone crazy, and now he has to navigate life in the future, stuck and alone.

Can’t wait to see how that goes…

Dark season two premieres on Netflix on June 21st!

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