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‘Manifest’ season 2 wish list

Manifest season 2 is coming!

There’s quite the hiatus for one of my 2018 fall premiere favorites, Manifest. The good news is that it was renewed for a second season. The bad news is that we have to wait until midseason premieres, which brings us to about a year-long hiatus. Now I know how the Game of Thrones fandom must’ve felt during the two-year hiatus. We can wait patiently for a year! Well, I can’t speak for you guys, but I can speak for myself when I say I will not be waiting patiently.

Season 1 finale left us with a lot of questions and a lot of wants for the next season. Here is my season 2 wishlist!

Baby Daddy Drama

If you’ve read ANY of my articles on here, you are probably aware that I love the angst. LOVE. IT. The more angst, the merrier! When Grace reveals that she’s pregnant in the finale, we all know that it isn’t Ben’s baby. You guys, there is no way that the baby isn’t Danny’s.

So, I want some Ben/Grace/Danny baby drama action for season 2. Ben already isn’t too keen on Danny; therefore, there is sure to be some angst if Danny is the baby’s daddy. Gosh, it’s going to be so awkward, and I am so here for it. Of course, this isn’t the only love triangle going on.

Jared needs to cool down, and Michaela needs some me-time

I want Michaela to just take a step back from everything that’s going on in her life. Maybe what she needs is to just be single until things settle and Jared and/or Zeke get it together. We still don’t know who the heck was shot in the season finale either, so there will surely be some fallout.

Jared needs to reflect on everything that has happened in the last five years. He lost his girlfriend, but he was also married and trying for a baby during that time. Suffice to say, I think Jared needs to take some time and reflect on things, starting with his broken marriage with Lourdes. I need to see an interaction between them. Now that will be REAL angsty. We got one between Lourdes and Michaela. Now it’s Jared’s turn to take some responsibility for his actions. Come on Jared, I am rooting for you to take a 360 and make me like you!

More Michaela and Ben team-ups

I am here for Ben being the smart techy guy, and Michaela being the badass cop. The two of them need to have more scenes of them bringing down whoever the big bad is. Together, I want to see them start to come to terms with the callings and figure out how to truly utilize them as a team. And, of course, save the day in the process.

The Stones are hands down my favorite sibling duo on TV. Any scene with them together was always my favorite. Bring on some more takedowns of crazy people messing with time and space or whatever is happening.

Ben and Saanvi….?

I know a lot of people ship Ben and Saanvi together since they interacted in season 1, but I need more of a reason to ship them. Hey, now don’t throw anything at me quite yet until I say my piece. I want to ship them because I just can’t get on board with Grace and Ben. I really tried, too.

In order for me to fully board the Benvi ship, I need more character relationship development between them. There have been some sweet moments, and we have seen that Saanvi and Ben do confide in one another. They really do have some sort of connection. I can see something happening between them in the future for sure.

More Zeke

There’s a lot of back and forth with Zeke for me. On one hand, I am drawn to his tragic backstory. Who wouldn’t be? On the other hand, as Jared also suspects, there is something about him that I don’t fully trust. However, I think Michaela and him have some major chemistry that needs to be utilized in season 2.

Michaela and Zeke both have tragic backstories, which draws them together into some sort of a relationship. Even if they don’t get together romantically, I would be so okay with them just being friends. I always love the man/woman friendship in TV shows, and we don’t see that too much nowadays. Eh, I might be okay with a platonic thing. Although, I wouldn’t mind them being a ship… Just saying…

Bring on season 2! I would add that I want to find out what the heck happened, but I know that’s something to be addressed in the very last episode, probably. I don’t make the rules. What do you want to see in season 2? Sound off below or tweet us!

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