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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×16 “Hey, World!”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 16, “Hey, World!” premiered May 20, 2019. 

The finale happened. It was bizarre, funny, and sad ASF. In true Legends fashion episode 16 was unexpected. Every time you think the show can’t top itself, it does! Here is what went down on Monday’s finale.

Charlie Revealed


Evil Ray and Tabitha’s plan is in motion. They have captured Charlie. Their plan is to force her to become each monster in front of the entire world. As she shifts into them, people will be terrified. They will use the fearful energy to gain power. Their ultimate goal is release hell on Earth.

The big night arrives. Tabitha uses her magic to force Charlie to change. Fear ensues.

  • Charlie turns into a giant sea urchin and attacks people.
  • Sara and Mick arrive and begin to fight Tabitha and Evil Ray.
  • Mick manages to grab Charlie and escape.

The Legends head back to the Waverider. The only problem is the damage is done. The world is in full fear mode. It is up to the Legends to figure out how to win the world back over. Ultimately our very own Nate Heywood comes up with a plan.

The Quest for Ray’s Soul

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Nora and John go on a hunt for Ray’s soul. They go to a coin (soul) exchange. John’s crazy friend helps them break in. While they are there, they see a lot of bad dudes coins. Little did we know that would come into play later. The grab Ray’s coin and head out.

  1. They make their way to Ray’s torture room.
  2. The two open the door to see Ray playing Jenga with none other than Vandal Savage!
  3. It turns out they have been in hell becoming buddies.

Ray would befriend the season one big bad! He always seems to. They escape hell and Nora wishes them out of there. They need to stop the demons from rising!

Introducing, “Hey World!”


Nate’s plan is to open Hey World and show the world there is nothing to fear from magical creatures. Mona recruits the creatures and asks them to each come up with a talent. Sara, Nate, and Gary dress up as Supergirl, The Green Arrow, and The Flash to shoot a commercial. Yes it is as hysterical as it sounds. Ava asks why the actual superheroes couldn’t do it.

“They said hard pass.”

“We should have done the crossover.”

I love when they break the fourth wall. The big night arrives. Right before the show, Gideon delivers some shocking news. Hey World is the beginning of a movement that alters Zari and her family’s future. The way people feel about metas and magic will change. This means Zari’s Brother never dies and her family will be okay.

The only problem is, Zari would never have joined the Legends and the last two years for her would have never happened. Sara tells Zari as long as she doesn’t leave the Waverider and stays in the temporal zone she won’t be affected. So Zari must sit the big fight out.

Goodbye, Zari

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It is with a solemn heart that I write this final part. The battle goes down. The team realizes the only way to defeat NeRay is if he renigs on his deal with Ray. Ray gave up his soul to save Nate. If Nate dies then Ray gets his body back.

The team defeat Tabitha. Neron is the only one left. Neron kills John. Only it isn’t John. Constantine glamoured Nate to look like him. This means Neron has gone back on his deal. Zari hears that Nate is dying, so she leaves the temporal zone to come say goodbye. Bad Zari!

For literally no reason, the team and the crowd begin to break into song. They realize that if fear gains power, so can love. The love energy begins to collect in Tabitha’s staff. They use the staff and it brings Nate back to life. No, it doesn’t make any sense, but when has this show ever? Neron gets put back into hell and we get Ray back.

Zari begins to fade out because she left the zone. She kisses Nate goodbye. When Nate releases her, she is a he. That he is her brother, Berard. THAT’S RIGHT THEY REPLACED OUR ZARI! YOU MAY BE OUTRAGED. WE ALL WERE!

Next Season…

Next season, hopefully we find Zari and get some version of her back. At the end of the episode, John’s friend releases some of the worst villains in history onto the Earth. Next season will go back to basics, time travel and baddies in history.

What did you think of the final twist? Were you outraged? Confused? Sad? Until next time!

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