‘iZombie’ 5×03 Recap: “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!”

Getting your dancing shoes and detective hat on!

iZombie 5×03, Season 5, Episode 3, “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!,” Aired May 16th, 2019

We’re only three episodes in and I have to say, this third episode was hands down the best episode so far and will be a toughie to beat!

Here is what happened in 5×03!

Murder Mystery of the Week

Dance partners Nancy and Gulliver, are seen rehearsing their salsa dancing, after bitching about some people they know, and are poisoned by cyanide that was placed in their protein shakes.

With their open dialogue about a woman being the worst because she may have BPD, it’s clear to see that these two characters aren’t likeable and there could be many reasons as to why someone would do this.

Liv, Clive and Ravi learn that the two were about to compete on a dancing television show, in which the prize would be two tickets out of Seattle. Liv immediately cooks Nancy’s brains in to a pico de gallo and takes on the woman bubbly and overexcited personality.

Going Undercover

Liv suggests that her and Ravi should go undercover at the dancing competition, to talk to fellow competitors and investigate who could have wanted Nancy and Gulliver dead.

There they meet the two biggest competition, Tina and Lars, whom we find out, Tina has a health tracker on her phone that tracks her location, so if Liv and Ravi can get Tina’s phone, her locations may match up with the murder.

In order to get on the couple’s good side, Liv and Ravi meet them for drinks, where the bar becomes a dance floor and Ravi is not happy. A lot of awkward dancing from Ravi, check! Liv over doing the dancing around Ravi, check!

Liv gets a vision of Gulliver and Lars having an affair, allowing her to realize that she’s ate the wrong persons brain.

Preparing Ravi

Ravi panics at the thought of competing in a dance contest, forcing Liv and Clive to help him learn the routine and create the most brilliant and hilarious montage, EVER.

Clive shows Ravi how it’s done and we get a hilarious comment from Ravi about Clive’s dancing getting him pregnant.

The montage shows Liv and Ravi having fun with some different dance moves, including a bit of flossing, and heavy lifting (even though Liv is so bloody tiny) whilst Clive really gets in to the spirit and salsa’s his pants off.

I really love it when murder mysteries involve things that Clive are secretly passionate about, as we usually get his serious detective side and these moments, where he salsa’s around the morgue, they really are special moments, that also continue to show us how far he’s come from the first episode of the series and how much more he let’s loose now and makes the most of his work.

It’s Go Time!

Ravi and Liv perform their routine to absolutely perfection and in the middle of their routine, Liv gets a vision of another man, Trip, begging Gulliver not to leave him.

Liv runs off halfway through their dance routine, leaving Ravi to wing the rest on his own and much to everyone’s dismay, but also everyone’s pleasure, Ravi brings out the flossing moves.

Liv and Clive visit Trip, who admits wanting Nancy out of the picture and during his interview, Trip drinks something and quickly dies of cyanide poisoning as well.

So, who on earth is poisoning everyone!? It seems we’ll have to wait a few days more before we find out, as the killer was not revealed in this episode.

Other tidbits from this episode:

  • A class of kids are tested for lice at school, however a group of Filmore Graves agent accuse them of discriminating against Zombies, causing a video of the soldiers being confrontational to go viral and Peyton has to deal with a group of very angry parents. Peyton and Major are both very upset with each other about how both have dealt with the controversy and Major explains to Peyton that the school are only doing lice checks to spot the Zombies and lock them up. It amazes me how after having someone like Chase Graves be in charge of the Filmore Graves soldiers, people still doubt someone as loving and as caring as Major, who only ever has people’s best interests at heart. He was only protecting the Zombie children from being neglected of their school time/work and was looked down at because of it.
  • One of the children at school get bullied for being a Zombie and rages out on the bullies. As I’ve said before in previous recaps, the humans are the true monsters right now in Seattle and the little boy also screams that out to the adults and other children surrounding him. It’s true. The kids not wrong. Peyton and Major take care of the boy and his brother, and secretly to Major, he reveals that he wants to become a Filmore Graves soldier, as that means he’ll be able to kill humans as soon as possible.
  • We also find out that the young boy and his brother are actually younger brothers to late Filmore Graves soldier, Jordan, who died in episode two.
  • Whilst Liv offers to let the two young brothers stay at the safe house, she also holds a funeral for baron and the two brothers learn how he died and that he was a human. Hopefully, Baron’s heroic moment will give the two boys hope that not all humans are bad and that some really do have their best interests at heart.
  • Clive and Dale take part in a pregnancy yoga class, only for Clive’s ex to also rock up pregnant and reveal that Dale and her got pregnant around the same time as each other, causing a lot of concern for Dale that Clive could potentially be the father of Michelle’s baby as well. As soon as I saw Michelle walk in to the yoga class, I knew something was going to go down and even though Clive possibly being the father of two women’s babies isn’t funny – I had to laugh at the fact that once upon a time, Clive was desperate for a wife and kids and now he may have two… just not with the same woman. I don’t think Michelle’s baby is going to be Clive’s, but at this moment in time, she’s still not sure herself.
  • During another yoga class, Michelle turns up with no partner, and Dale’s backed out. Although Dale was not happy with the situation occurring between her, Clive and Michelle – she offers to be Michelle’s partner, which I really think was a great scene, showing females helping females, no matter what and I really admired Dale for being the bigger person and not leaving Michelle to deal with this alone.

What did you think about this episode? Leave your comments below and tell us your thoughts!

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