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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×22 “The Quest for Peace”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 22, “The Quest for Peace” May 19, 2019.

You know when you love every part of a season finale until the last 3 minutes? Well, it happened on Supergirl. Before we get to the ending, we must start from the beginning.

The Luthor Family

The CW

The world believes Supergirl to be dead and Lex her killer. Meanwhile Supergirl  is over here like WTF? Poor Red Daughter got the crap beat out of her, by Lex all to support Lex’s God complex. The President is ready to appoint Lex, the Head of Alien Affairs. What does he do to mark this occasion? He invites the people who hate him the most to the White House, his family.

  1. Lillian and Lena show up to the oval office.
  2. Lex wants them to celebrate.
  3. They both believe he is bat shit crazy.

Lillian poisons his tea. Lena pretty much yells at him the entire time. It’s so nice to see the two ladies on the same page for once. Naturally Lex doesn’t trust either one of them and doesn’t drink the tea. As he is gloating Kara’s article revealing all his dirty secrets broadcasts to the masses.

Dreamer and Martian Manhunter

When we last left Nia and J’onn, Brainy had royally screwed them over. Luckily how heroes can handle their own. They are brought to Shelley Island where their powers dissipate. They must work together with the other aliens to free themselves.

  1. Everyone is fighting each other.
  2. Dreamer and Manhunter try to stop the satellite from destroying Argo.
  3. Brainy realizes Dreamer is in legit trouble and comes back to us.

The two thwart the satellite because they are amazing. The aliens break free from their captors. The team has one more fight in store for them. The Children of Liberty and Agent Liberty battle it out agains Alex, Supergirl, and James.

Team Alex for the Win


In all the chaos Kara, Alex and James land on Shelley Island. Agents Liberty and his children arrive at the same time. The only issue is, they are all super powered. Kara doesn’t fight for long because she has to go deal with Lex.

Alex has the cure for both James and Ben Lockwood. James won’t take the cure until Ben is defeated. The brawl begins. As you can imagine, between James’ martial Arts background and Alex’s badassery they make short work of everyone.

Ben is injected with the cure and turns back to his terrible normal self. James also gets it and is fine. The final event commences, Supergirl vs. Lex Luthor.

Luthor vs. Danvers


Lex Luthor turns on his kryptonite powered suit. Kara smiles at him.

“Nice suit. This one is courtesy of your Sister.”

Kara’s suit turns into a kryptonite resistant armor. Lena saves the day and she isn’t even there! The showdown begins. Let’s be honest we all know who wins. The important part is what comes after Lex’s downfall!

The Obvious Reveal


Now we get to chat about the last three minutes of the finale. I use the word, “chat,” loosely. We have seen this coming all season, but it still sucked. In a fair world, Kara would have told Lena the truth a long time ago. In a reasonable world, one of the smartest women in the DC universe would have known Kara was Supergirl.

The hand we were dealt this week, was the worst. Lex is dying, because Lena shot him. (No, none of us actually believed he would stay dead.) He has to say one more thing that will hurt his Sister, before he dies.

“Kara has been lying to you this whole time. Kara is Supergirl.” 

He turns on the television to reveal all the moments she was Supergirl as Kara. He basically Big Brothered her life. Lena is left in shock. Even though this was bound to happen, it still hurt. Next season the question on everyone’s mind will be, “Will we get an Evil Lena Luthor?” I hope we do not, but who knows.

What did you think of the season finale? How do you feel about Lena learning the truth? Join me next week as we run through the top moments of the season!

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