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The CW has a new teen detective...

During their Upfronts, the CW gave us our first look at their recently ordered to series Nancy Drew adaptation. After many attempts to bring the most infamous girl detective to our small screens again over the years, it seems fitting that the CW will be the one to bring it to life — since they’ve got a niche for teen mystery dramas.

The two minute trailer gave us an enticing glimpse into this world filled with an aesthetic not unlike Riverdale or even Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — this Nancy Drew is a far cry from the most recent adaptation (Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase starring Sophie Lillis) or even most of the stories I’ve read growing up, and that hooks me in right away.

Using my finely tuned detective skills, I’ve pieced together evidence from the synopsis and what’s presented in the trailer, and came up with a few conclusions.

Nancy’s Past

Screenshot from trailer

Although at first glimpse, it seems like the trailer doesn’t touch much on Nancy’s past — odd, considering the synopsis tells us that Nancy (Kennedy McMann) has hung up her magnifying glass and sworn off mystery solving after a tragedy keeps her homebound in Horseshoe Bay just after high school graduation, and that she’s waiting for the day to re-apply for college.

However, on closer inspection, the trailer does give us an enticing glimpse of Nancy’s adolescence — a shot in the trailer features Nancy looking at a board full of newspaper clippings (seen above) with headlines full of her solved cases, and yes! There are some fun easter eggs hidden away on the board, glad you asked.

Screenshot from Trailer

Apart from the newspaper board, there’s also the scene in the trailer when Chief McGinnis does his little roll call, and Bess Marvin (Maddison Jaizani) asks about him and Nancy, to which George Fane (Leah Lewis) informs the room that Nancy did his job for him in the past tense.

So, record scratch here! Chief McGinnis introduces Bess as a “city girl,” so presumably she’s not from Horseshoe Bay — which means there was no Clue Crew, just Nancy and George.  I could see Bess filling the role Veronica Lodge did in the first episode of Riverdale, being the audience’s touchstone as we take our first steps into a new world.

Ex-Con Ned Nickerson?

One of the more surprising revelations in the trailer is that Ned “Nick” Nickerson (Tunji Kasim) is an ex-convict. Later in the trailer, we get a glimpse at a police file on him (interestingly, it doesn’t appear to be a file from Horseshoe Bay, and it appears to say Edwardsville), which lists his first and only charge as manslaughter.

Considering the trailer appears to laud Ned and Nancy as the main ‘ship of the series, I’m slightly worried they’ll try to stir up some drama by having him be involved somehow with the tragedy that kept Nancy homebound, which I’m sure has to do with her mother.

Ghosts, Baby!

Screenshot from Trailer

Nancy Drew is no stranger to ghosts (hell, there was even a special three story Girl Detective book featuring ghost stories when I was a kid), and this series doesn’t shy away from them — after all, what’s a good mystery without some haunting spooks to keep us awake at night?

The trailer begins with a haunting children’s rhyme about Lucy Sable, as Nancy retells the tale of “Dead Lucy,” a sea queen who only wore her crown for one night before plunging into the watery depths of the ocean, and is rumored to still haunt Horseshoe Bay.

Dead Lucy is shown a few times in the trailer, and appears to be responsible for the murder of Tiffany Hudson (who Nancy and the gang are suspects for). But is all as it seems in Horseshoe Bay?

In Conclusion…

Screenshot from the trailer

Nancy Drew seems to take some cues from the absolute fantastic Nancy Drew limited comic series, Palace of Wisdom by Kelly Thompson — lot of scenes in the trailer (the cliff Lucy Sable falls from, the restaurant Nancy works at) mirror the comic — while following the trend of Riverdale and Chilling Adventures in taking classic characters and injecting new life to them.

The series has already cultivated an identity separate from other teen mystery shows, in that it isn’t afraid to remain grounded while featuring ghosts (assuming they’re “real”) in an apparently seamless way.

I officially can not wait for fall to get here, because this is sure to be my new obsession.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays this fall on the CW.


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