‘Charmed’ 1×21 Recap: “Red Rain”

Charmed 1×21 recap: Season 1, Episode 21, “Red Rain” Aired May 12th, 2019.

With the finale episode just round the corner, all hell is about to break loose and the new Source could only make things worse.

Here is what happened on 1×21!

Harbinger Virus Outbreak

Macy receives a call from Galvin alerting her and her sister to the hospitals, where they witness the building overrun by patients bleeding from their eyes, ears, noses and mouths.

Galvin has been asked to assist with the efforts of diagnosing this mystery virus and after all he has witness over the past months, he believes that the virus could be demonic.

Macy races off to test a blood sample, in which we find out that is most definitely a virus brought on the Harbinger, Mel spots Niko being wheeled by on a gurney, however, her symptoms are much different from the other patients and we find out that Niko’s situation stems from Mel.

Whilst Galvin and Macy are sampling the blood, one of the infected patients begin attacking nurses and doctors that go near him and it is is spreading all over the building, including Niko, when Mel visits her again later on and notices she has removed her ring, causing the Harbinger virus to consume her.

Magic Consequences

Using her empath powers, Maggie discovers that Niko’s memories are flooding her  brain, which Mel believes could be due to her learning the truth about Mel using a history rewriting spell on her.

Before they can investigate more closely, her fiancee, Greta, kicks them out.

As much as I don’t want to point fingers at anyone, I do believe Mel revealing the truth to Niko is beginning to do more harm than good. A whole lifetime of memories had once been non-existent, and now Niko is overwhelmed with memories slowly coming back to her and pushing their way in through the new memories she had created. There’s only so much one brain can take and as all magical TV shows say – magic always comes with a price.

The Harbinger’s Release

Macy informs her sisters and Harry that the Harbinger has spread and it could possibly be their fault.

We find out that Alistair’s plans to see the rise of the Source of All Evil involves the death of both of his sons and that when Hunter had previously visited, the Harbinger was inside of him. When the sisters vanquished Hunter, they accidentally and unknowingly released the Harbinger, infecting everyone at the Cindo de Mayo party.

Macy mourns the loss of Elder Bari’s needle at a time like this, as if she had her Evil Sight, she could’ve seen what was going to happen and they could’ve prevented it. Like the sisters and Harry mentioned though, Macy tapping in to her demon side would come with too many risks and side effects from overusing the Evil Sight and we really don’t want to lose a Charmed one.

Maggie and Parker Reconnect

Parker reaches out to Maggie, where she learns that Parker is close to taking on the Source.

Maggie calls out to Parker again later on and is able to connect with him on an empath astral plane. He informs her that his dad believes he had gone over to the ‘dark side’, however, Parker is still working to defeat him. Parker tells Maggie to keep Charity safe (duh), as once she is killed, Alistair and Fiona’s plans will all fall in to place.

Charmed — “Red Rain” — Image Number: CMD121a_0279.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Rupert Evans as Harry, Melonie Diaz as Mel, Virgina Williams as Charity and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Maggie and Harry find Charity in the gardens, where she attempts to escape, however, without her magical powers – Maggie is able to stop her.

Charity shows the two a bud she is holding and explains that it is crucial to performing the Akkadian Smokescreen, a spell that will permanently hide her, but in order to do this, she needs to speed up the growth cycle.

Maggie and Parker have it out in a fight, which was incredible to watch – Maggie has been my favourite of the sisters from the beginning and although she may get looked down upon because she is involved in a sorority and is a lot more girly than the others, her badassery tops Mel and Macy’s completely.

Charmed — “Red Rain” — Image Number: CMD121a_0299.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Nick Hargrove as Parker and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Maggie is able to trap Parker and is given an open opportunity to kill him, however, she fights for her humanity and hesitates, leaving demonic Parker to disappear. Did anyone else get massive flashbacks of Phoebe and Cole in this scene? Except Phoebe actually DID vanquish Cole… twice. Can we please not let Maggie go through that sort of pain, okay?

Mel is seriously p*ssed at Maggie for not killing Parker when she had the chance, however Maggie knows in heart that there is some sort of humanity inside of still and she knows he can be saved. I’m sorry but, if this was Niko instead of Parker, would Mel have killed her to the save the world? No, absolutely not.

The Last Remaining Elder

Harry orbs Charity to safety, whilst Maggie and Mel fight the demonic Parker, who reveals that he tricked Maggie in to helping him find Charity’s whereabouts.

Using her Evil Sight, Fiona learns of Parker’s failure to capture Charity and ensures Alistair, that her older sister will die, even if that means its on her.

Fiona and Alistair teaming up couldn’t possibly be a worse idea, as even though Alistair’s final plans include Fiona; as soon as Parker becomes the vessel for the Source, Alistair will control the demons and Fiona will control the witches. However, Fiona’s plans do not include Alistair, nor Parker, and she is scheming to double-cross him and destroy magic once and for all.

Harry and Charity take shelter in the Vortex Viribus, so they can continue to speed up the growth cycle, however, the place they are hiding has a connection to Fiona and within seconds Fiona portals through and kills Charity before Harry can stop her.

Good riddance is all I’ll say. The Elders have always been the worst, even in the OG Charmed.

Ritual = Sacrifice

Galvin remembers from the Yoruba texts, when studying to be a Chiriji, that he might be able to save the infected people with a spell he was originally going to use to remove the Ibi from Macy.

The spell is dangerous and cost Galvin’s grandmother her finger once, however, he is adamant that he can save them and both head up to the rooftops to prepare the ritual, allowing them also to formally make up after a rocky few weeks.

Galvin has always been great and incredibly accepting when it comes to the Charmed One’s and Macy demonic side, but the whole experience has made him appreciate being human. The Charmed One’s are carrying such a big burden around and seeing this, Galvin offers to help in any way he can.

You can tell Galvin has been hanging around the Charmed One’s a lot recently, as when he’s about the perform the ritual, he reveals to Macy that there must be a sacrifice and the magical barrier already surrounding him prevents Macy from trying to stop him.

Being the brave hero he has proved himself to be, Galvin completes the ritual, healing all the infected patients and dies.

Sacred Flame Backfire

Whilst Maggie is tied up to a tree, Fiona and Alistair begin to perform a spell to light the Sacred Fire, however, the spell backfires because Macy previously stripped Fiona of her immortality and in her last dying breath, Fiona reveals her master plan.

It was quite a sad scene between Harry and Fiona at this point and I knew it must have been very difficult for Harry to stop himself from healing her and let her die, as he is such a good-hearted man, but despite his hard choice, he has took one step further to saving the world.

Charmed — “Red Rain” — Image Number: CMD121a_0192.jpg — Pictured: Nick Hargrove as Parker — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Parker attempts to save Maggie, who is surrounded by the flames, however, his only options are let Maggie be killed or step in to the flame and become the Source – Maggie begs him to do the latter, leaving him with one option.

The New Source

Macy channels her demonic side and summons the Origin Dagger out from Parker’s body and in to hers. Telling herself, her sisters and Harry that she can control her darkness, Macy steps in to the flame and becomes the new Source.

Alistair bows before Macy, but with her new found powers, she kills him on the spot and orbs her sisters and Harry home. She informs them that everyone in town has had their minds wiped and all has been cured, including Niko.

Concerned about these extra powers, on top of her demonic side, Mel, Maggie and Harry try to to Macy about what will happen now, except Macy has one final task to complete.

Macy returns to Galvin’s lifeless body and revives him – we all know reviving people always comes with a consequence.

It doesn’t matter how many times Macy believes she can control her darkness, being the Source is already showing to be taking over her body and not in a good way. Either Macy will become season two’s villain or the series finale will focus on Mel, Maggie and Harry saving Macy from herself. Either way… I can’t wait!

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