‘Riverdale’ 3×22: 10 biggest highlights from “Survive The Night”


Riverdale 3×22, Season 3, Episode 22, “Chapter Fifty-Seven: “Survive The Night,” Aired May 15th, 2019.

Riverdale’s third season has finally closed it’s story, as the finale episode concluded every question we ever had, including massive twists and turns.

There’s only one question remaining… What happened during Spring Break?

Here is what happened on 3×22!

The True Mastermind

I’ve never been overly keen on this character, but after this final episode, I’m going to put my hands up and say – Penelope Blossom is the most underrated character on this entire show.

She was an orphan adopted in to the Blossom family and raised to marry her adoptive brother, Clifford Blossom. She then became a house-wife and mother to Cheryl Blossom and Jason Blossom. However, although she hangs about on the sidelines most of the time and gives a mean comment now and again, she has well and truly proved herself in this finale episode, as everything that has happened – starting from introducing the parents to G&G as teens – has been organized by Penelope herself.

I didn’t suspect Penelope to have anything to do with the G&G situation at all and my suspicions only occurred at the beginning of this episode, when she poisons Toni’s cup of tea.

It all worsens when our Core Four are invited to a mysterious ceremony at the Blossom hunting lodge and Betty – whilst wearing the most gorgeous dress – finds Archie, Veronica, Jughead and Penelope sat around a large table. But, that’s not all who’s joining this extravagant and seriously creepy meal… the Black Hood and Gargoyle King are here to play.

I knew straight away that Hal was still the Black Hood and by the looks of Betty’s face, she wasn’t that shocked either, however, when it got to the Gargoyle King’s reveal… I felt SICK.

And the Gargoyle King is… (AGAIN)

Just as we’re about to find out who the Gargoyle King is, Penelope stops them from revealing themselves and suggests that Jughead take a swing on who he believes hold’s the Gargoyle King’s identity.

As soon as Jughead said the line, “The one corpse that hasn’t been accounted for, and was last seen by the Black Hood.” I knew all of the theories swirling around in my head were true.

There was no way the real Jason Blossom was the Gargoyle King – we literally witnessed him get shot in the head. The only other explanation for this was for someone to pose as Jason and for once, I actually guessed right.


It appears that when, once upon a time ago, Betty sent the Black Hood to kill Chic, Penelop and Hal took Chic under their wing, giving him red hair and pretending that he is Jason. Penelope introduced Chic to G&G in season 2, who then introduced it to Ben Button, leading the entire of Riverdale obsessing over this new and mysterious game – allowing their plans to fall perfectly in to place.

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The Core Four Play One Final Game

Penelope forces the Core Four to play one final game with her, in exchange for their lives.

Archie fights a giant man dressed in a bear costume, Veronica and Betty play Spin the Bottle with six chalices *possibly* filled with poison (which we later find out all of the chalices were poisoned and in order to get the antidote, they needed to complete the game), and Jughead is ordered to fight Chic, in which he comes seriously close to death, but beats him with a rock at the last minute.

Varchie = End Game

On the way to their next quest, Archie pulls Veronica to the side and both reveal that they still have feelings for one another, soon forgetting all about poor Reggie, and kiss it out.

Varchie is back in the game. I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t have any attachment to this couple and is a bit meh with the will-they-won’t-they situation going on. If they’re together, cool. If they’re not, cool.

The Black Hood No More

Betty is the last to take on an individual quest, which of course, requires her to come face to face with her father and kill him.

Betty doesn’t flinch much over this task and has her gun prepared, ready to fire. The rumored death of Hal when the prison bus flipped over seemed to have a positive impact on Betty, more than a negative one, however that being said, she refuses to be like Hal and shoots him in a non-lethal spot, causing him a small amount of pain compared to a death sentence.

Penelope is not satisfied with these results and shoots Hal in the head anyway to finalize Betty’s quest.

Honestly, I know Hal had done nothing but toxic things to his own family and Riverdale, but having to watch Betty witness her own father’s death and her reaction… I think my heart actually shattered in to tiny little pieces. It’s one thing being happy about someone’s death without seeing anything, but actually having to watch it? It’s a whole other story! I’m just going to also quickly applaud Lili’s acting in this scene, because the pain she showed on screen, had me aching for Betty’s loss as well.

P.S. If anyone hasn’t already noticed yet… I would do absolutely anything for Betty Cooper.

The Pretty Poisons & Serpents Form as One

Toni is woken up by Nana Rose, who informs her about Penelope’s quest for the Core Four, however at that moment in time, Toni is only focused on saving Cheryl.

Back at the Farm, Alice passes Juniper on to Cheryl and helps them escape, allowing for a beautiful reunion between Choni. Seriously, did anyone else’s heart flutter when Toni called Cheryl baby?

After Penelope commands her disciples to kill the Core Four, the Pretty Poisons and Serpents come to the groups rescue just in time, and Betty and Veronica take the antidote.

Our Core Four are safe, Choni are reunited and Riverdale is slowly coming back to some sort of normality.

Hiram Lodge Plotting Behind Bars

After Hiram’s recent arrest, Hermione and Veronica are given the assets that he owns, including Pop’s Diner and the Speakeasy. Later on, Hermione is arrested by the FBI for conspiring to kill Hiram.

It seems Hiram has many officers on the inside willing to work for him and keep him up to date on what’s going on, as he is informed that Hermione has successfully been framed and Hiram slyly hints that Veronica doesn’t know what’s coming her way.

I really thought this was going to be the end of Hiram’s time on Riverdale, to be honest, so to find out he has even MORE up his sleeve… ugh.

The Aftermath

In the narrative of Jug, he reveals that Chic and Penelope went to prison, however, Penelope escaped.

The Serpents and Pretty Poisons come together to clean Farm graffiti off of Pop’s Diner and Cheryl returns to the Farm, where she speaks to Jason’s corpse, in which she found earlier on in the episode and confronted Edgar about why he could possibly have wanted to dig up her brother’s grave and bring him there.

Seeing Jason’s corpse was the most uncomfortable thing to witness in this episode and Cheryl’s delighted face has me a little worried that this is going to somehow become a Norman Bates situation, where Cheryl keeps Jason’s body in the house, treating it like he’s still alive.

Edgar and Evelyn’s appearance in the finale episode was extremely short, making me extremely intrigued to see where they’ve taken Alice, Polly and all of the others. All I know is, this definitely won’t be the last time we see them.

Betty and Jug’s Half-Brother

Betty and Jughead get a visit from the FBI, who reveals that they’ve been investigating the Farm for years and he asks the couple if they would use their detective skills once more to take down Edgar Evernever.

Betty believes that she has seen this FBI agent before and he confirms her suspicions, introducing himself as Charles – Betty and Jughead’s half-brother.


I don’t know what type of role Charles is going to have in Season 4, but I pray so damn hard that he will be a normal and positive impact on Betty’s life, because she really needs a stable family member who is going to take care of her. Charles seems like a great guy at the moment, but this is Riverdale, and who knows what twists and turns they have coming our way?

Well Played Alice… Well Played

If Charles’ entrance in to the Riverdale town was shocking enough, get this.

Turns out that Alice has been a mole for the FBI this whole time!

This clarify’s so much, such as when Alice – acting brainwashed – tells Betty that she has been speaking to Charles. She was telling the truth this whole time.

I also noticed that at the beginning of this episode, Edgar informs Alice that the ‘ascension’ is set to begin tonight and lies to Alice, claiming that Betty escaped with Toni. Alice keeps the smile on her face, showing that she believes his story, however, when his back is turned, her face drops and her suspicions arise.

I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!! Alice was becoming so unbearable to the point where I just couldn’t stand watching her anymore and every-time she spoke, my eyes rolled. However, this explains so much, as she is a journalist after all and with her son working for the FBI, she can help them out AND get her story all at the same time.

I’m not saying Alice is completely innocent in all of this, because who knows, maybe she did still become slightly brainwashed during her time undercover, but, I have high hopes that she will come out of this smooth sailing, not brainwashed and return to being the loving mother we all know her to be.

Alice Cooper had us well and truly fooled. Well played Alice, well played. All hail the Queen!

I Know What You Did Last Spring Break

At this point, I really couldn’t take anymore – especially after the Core Four on their quests, I was practically shaking at how tense the whole thing was.

Back at Pop’s Diner, Betty and Jug share the news of their half-brother with Archie and Veronica. After all the drama that Season 3 has given us and the characters, Archie and the group make a vow to have their senior year go smoothly and with a toast of their milkshakes, it was agreed – no.more.drama.

Wait? Did the Riverdale writers actually give us a happy ending? Oh no no no.

We’re then taken on a little trip in to the future, during Spring Break of their senior year, where we see Archie, Betty and Veronica stood in the woods, in their underwear, covered in blood, circled around a large fire.

Betty demands that they need to burn their clothes, including Jug’s beanie, and never speak of what happened ever again.

Did anyone else get serious ‘IKWYDLS’ vibes with this scene? Have they killed Jughead? Has Jughead killed somebody and is now on the run/in hiding? Who could they have possibly killed this time? Was it a stranger? Was it someone we knew? SO.MANY.QUESTIONS!!!

And it looks like we’ll have to wait until October…

What did you think about this episode? Leave your comments below and tell us your thoughts!

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